Approaches -- Notes

note 1

Die Archäologischen Sammlungen des Reiß-Museums besitzen zwar eine größere Anzahl von Funden der Hallstatt- und Frühlatènezeit wie Gefäße, Fibeln u.a., jedoch keine Gegenstände, die man als "Kunst" bezeichnen würde. (pers. comm. May 28, 1995, Dr. Inke Jensen).

note 2 Sir John D. Beazley, 1885-1970, laid the foundations for twentieth-century study of Greek vase painting. He performed the monumental labor of looking at the available Greek and Etruscan vases and sherds, establishing chronologies, determining stylistic developments, even assigning workshops and hands. He published the essential works on Attic black-figure and red-figure painters, the foundation of all Greek vase studies today and accompanied by the Paralipomena, Addenda, and that hive of activity, the Beazley archive. Additional corpora of vases, seminal studies of individual painters and work on non-Attic pottery paved the way for further more far-ranging analyses. The enormous debt classical archaeologists owe Sir John is only hinted at in this brief selection of works:

1925. Attische Vasenmaler des rotfigurigen Stils. Tübingen: Mohr.
1942. Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters, Oxford: Clarendon; 2d ed. 1963.
1947. Etruscan Vase-Painting. Oxford: Clarendon.
1951. The Development of Attic Black-Figure. Berkeley : University of California Press; rev. ed. 1986.
1956. Attic Black-Fgure Vase-Painters. Oxford: Clarendon Press
1989. Greek Vases. Lectures by J.D. Beazley ; ed. D.C. Kurtz. Oxford: Clarendon.

note 3 Karl Schefold here represents the astonishing volume and richness of iconographic studies of Greek art -- his many volumes on myths, legends, gods and heroes in Greek art have established a firm foundation for voluminous subsequent iconographic studies; a brief selection:

1964. Frühgriechische Sagenbilder. Revised 1993 as Götter- und Heldensagen der Griechen in der früh- und hocharchaischen Kunst. München: Hirmer.
1981. Die Göttersage in der klassischen und hellenistischen Kunst. München: Hirmer.
1988. Die Urkönige, Perseus, Bellerophon, Herakles und Theseus in der klassischen und hellenistischen Kunst. München: Hirmer.
1989. Die Sagen von den Argonauten, von Theben und Troia inder klassischen und hellenistischen Kunst. München: Hirmer.

note 4 Even the polyglot and varied nomenclature of "Celtic" vessels stands in marked contrast to the conventions of naming of Greek vase shapes, established in 1935 by G.M.A. Richter and M.J. Milne in Shapes and Names of Athenian Vases, New York: Plantin Press.

note 5 A far more sensitive and detailed discussion of the concepts of civilized, savage and barbarian in the late eighteenth century is presented in M.M. Rubel's 1978 Savage and Barbarian: Historical Attitudes in the Criticism of Homer and Ossian in Britain, 1760-1800, Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company.