Hochdorf: Gold Armband, Neck Ring and Belt

Among the Hochdorf "chieftain's" items of personal adornment are a gold bracelet, a gold torc or neck ring, and a gold foil belt covering. All three items are decorated with geometric designs stamped in repoussée technique. The patterns are arranged in linear registers, which are separated by lines or ridges. The bracelet and torc are both open on the inside; their external profile is strongly sculptural, with raised bands of stamped ornament.

Gold bracelet, found (unusually) on the right arm of the deceased.
Circular, donut-shaped patterns on the raised portions, and half-dome bosses on the recessed parts.
7.4 cm W, 7 cm Dia, 75.2 grams of gold
after Biel 1985, fig. 162


Gold neck ring or torc, reconstructed, and detail with stamped horsemen and large tear through gold.
Curvilinear and rectilinear geometric patterns, and tiny stylized horsemen.
23.3 cm Dia, 144 grams of gold
after Biel 1985, fig. 151

Belt: Gold foil with linear stamped designs, sewn onto original bronze belt cover.
33 cm L, 8.5 cm H.
after Biel 1985, fig. 163