Reinheim: Glass, Amber and Stone Jewelry, and Bronze Mirror

Bronze Mirror


As reconstructed and displayed

Dia of mirror originally ca. 18.9 cm (shattered during excavation)

Glass and Amber Beads

Museum reconstruction
Large glass bead 3.8 cm Dia

Amber Beads

124 preserved beads, the largest 7.6 in Dia

Stone (lignite) and glass bracelets

The Reinheim "Lady" wore gold rings on her fingers.
Traces of a bronze bracelet (?), 8.5 cm Dia, were also found.
Glass bracelet 8.45 cm Dia
Stone bracelet 11 cm Dia

Bronze "amulet"

5.3 cm pres. H

Bronze "amulet"

6.7 cm H

Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Saarbrücken