Vix: Jewelry.

Gold Torc

Bronze "Torc"

27 cm Dia.; traces of leather wrapping
found on abdomen

Bracelets of stone (lignite)

8.7 cm max. Dia.
three found on each wrist

Bronze Anklets

109 g each. 13 cm Dia.

Amber and Stone Beads

7 Amber: from 4.6 cm Dia. to 1.7 cm Dia.
4 Stone: ca. 4 cm Dia.
found scattered in breast-height

Bronze Bracelet with Amber Beads

one found on each wrist

Iron Fibula

4.5 cm H.


Iron & Gold Fibula

2.3 cm pres. H.

Spiral, needle and foot missing.

Bronze, Coral & Amber Fibulae

2.4 and 3.1 cm H. found in pairs


Date: late 6th to early 5th C. (ca. 500). B.C.E.
Musée de Châtillon-sur-Seine

After Mohen 1987,

Joffroy 1979