Vix: Banquet Vessels


Small Bronze Basins with Handles

36 cm Dia., 6.3 cm H.
2 found nested against west wall
After Mohen 1987, 222 fig. 286

Large Bronze Basin with Omphalos

57 cm Dia.; 13 cm H.
After Joffroy 1979, pl. 63

Detail: Handles of small basin with attachments, rivets, palmettes

After Joffroy 1979, pl. 62

Detail: Rim of large basin with compass-drawn guilloche

After Joffroy 1979, pl. 64

Bronze krater.

1.64 m H.
Greek or Western Greek. Ca. 525 BCE.
Discussion of attachment marks.

Bronze Trefoil Oenochoe "Schnabelkanne" (two views)

28 cm H.; 15 cm max. Dia.
Etruscan. Ca. 525-500 BCE.
After Mohen 1987, 223 fig. 287a and b

Silver Phiale with Gold Omphalos

23 cm Dia.; 7 cm H.
found on rim of krater wrapped in cloth and containing bones of vole and dormouse
After Mohen 1987, 223 fig. 288

Additional view of Oenochoe


After Joffroy 1979, pl. XII

Black-figure "Droop" cup.

ca. 18 cm Dia.; 15 cm H.
Attic. Ca. 530-520 BCE
After Mohen 1987, 224 fig. 290

Black-glazed cup

ca. 17.3 cm Dia.; 6.5 cm. H.
Attic. Late 6th C. BCE

After Mohen 1987, 224 fig. 291


Musée Archéologique Châtillon-sur-Seine