Vix: Wagon

The wagon has been the object of intense scrutiny; recent reconstruction attempts have clarified its construction. It was placed in the tomb in several pieces: the wagon bed formed the "lady's" bier, the wheels were placed against the east wall. The find position of the preserved bronze and iron components was carefully recorded and has been used in reconstructing the wagon's original appearance and functionality.



Wagon, as reconstructed.


Wheel, reconstructed


Wheels in situ against east wall of tomb.

Wagon bed: ca. 1.59 x .59 m; sides ca. 18.4 cm H.

Horizontal iron bar: 1.35 m L.

Wheels: ca. 74.5 cm Dia.; ca. 3 cm T.

After Egg and France-Lanord 1987


The iron bands encircling the wheels were preserved; the wooden portions were not, but the number and position of spokes can be securely reconstructed on the basis of the preserved bronze and iron hubs. The metal substructures indicate that the shallow wagon bed was mounted above the axles on sturdy struts; the pivoting front axle demonstrated the wagon's utility as a vehicle.

Châtillon-sur-Seine: Musée Archéologique.