Computing in the School of English at the University of Glasgow

Jean Anderson
Christian Kay

The STELLA project (Software for Teaching English and Scottish Language and Literature) has served the School of English and Scottish Language and Literature at the University of Glasgow since 1987. We have produced teaching packages and brought research databases and other resources into use in teaching. All the programs have been thoroughly tested in the classroom, and have been subjected to comment and detailed criticism by thousands of students at Glasgow and elsewhere, and their teachers, since their first appearance. The teaching packages combine text, online help, and exercise materials.

Teaching Packages

The teaching packages to be demonstrated include:
English Grammar: an Introduction;
The Basics of English Metre and The Basics of Scots Metre;
ARIES: Assisted Revision in English Style;
The Essentials of Old English;
A Guide to Scottish Literature;
A Guide to Older Scots;
A Guide to Robert Henryson;
A Guide to Piers Plowman.

Other resources described will include:

a major research database, the Historical Thesaurus of English <>;
STARN: the Scots Teaching and Research Network <>;
email discussion lists for Scottish Literature and Language <>.