Eduprise Solutions for Online Learning

Todd Nicolet
Chris Goodson
Kirsten Hale provides the educational community with creative solutions for enhancing instruction as well as techniques for making independent learners more productive. Our tool suite can be used for a wide range of instructional support, from enhancing classroom courses to implementing distance education. The tool suite provides:

Assessing the value of any technology-based approach to education and training requires an understanding of objectives, methods, and expected outcomes. For this reason we discuss with institutions the use of tools in the context of educational issues and their attendant methodologies. Our approach to the use of IT is based on the following observations:

Join instructional professionals in an introduction to their array of services and rapid application development environment--designed to create a custom solution for your institution's online learning environment. You'll have an opportunity to create a course, build a resource library, and take a guest tour of some online and web-enhanced instructional environments created by Eduprise clients and professionals.