Keeping Our Word: Preserving Information Across the Ages

Lissa Lord
The University of Iowa Libraries
100 Main Library
Iowa City, IA 52242

This Web Page is the virtual version of The University of Iowa Libraries' exhibition, "Keeping our Word: Preserving Information Across the Ages." Most images included are from the exhibition as shown in North Hall of the Main Library on the University of Iowa campus from October 1998 to January 1999. The Internet exhibit will remain at this location for many years to come.

The idea to offer a digitized exhibit seemed an appropriate extension of the North Hall exhibit topic: Keeping Our Word: Preserving Information Across the Ages. The exhibit focus was on communication as a process and preservation as a tool. The digitization of the word seemed compatible with the progress of recorded communication emphasized in the physical exhibit.

Mounting an exhibit on the Internet is a technique of display that leads to exciting outcomes:

Increased Access: The online exhibit has 24 by 7 visiting hours throughout the year regardless of university scheduling or weather conditions.

Education and Outreach: Online exhibits allow for versatility in classroom use of exhibit information.

Expanded Resources: The presence of an exhibit on the Internet extends both the space and resources available to the visitor.

Images: Online images allow the visitor a close-up view of items displayed in the exhibit.

Research: Topics discussed in the physical exhibit can be studied in depth with results reported in the continuing online version.

Marketing: Press releases and announcements of the physical exhibit are more engaging with the added discussion of a virtual version of the exhibit.

Copyright: Always, the issue of copyright remains an important topic for an educational Web site.