Russian 20th Century Literature Digital Library for Language Teaching

Serge Yablonsky
St.Petersburg Transport University
Kazanskaya, 56, ap.2
St.-Petersburg, 190000

Digital libraries are important in language learning, in teaching of linguistics and in computer-assisted language learning (McEnery and Wilson 1993). Today in the stage of preparation is the RUSSIAN XX CENTURY LITERATURE digital library -- the Russian text corpus with works of more than 200 Russian 20th Century writers. The texts are taken from printed resources, CD-resources and Internet. The chief distinction of the digital library is its strong connection with the set of Russian electronic dictionaries and language processing tools, particularly dependent on the language processor Russicon (Belyaev, B.M., Surcis, A.S., Yablonsky, S.A., 1993; Yablonsky, S.A., 1990; Yablonsky, S.A., 1994; Yablonsky, S.A., 1997, a, 1998,1999). Every word of the linguistically encoded corpus simultaneously is the entry word of mentioned dictionaries.

By connecting the Language Processor Russicon and dictionaries to Russian digital library one may view language learning aids as performing of (Yablonsky S.A., 1994; Yablonsky S.A., 1997, a, b, 1998):


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