Hymn Appendix 1

App 1.1
Blessed is the son of the king who gave us a weapon
By which we could wrestle with Satan,
The hater of man, he who envied Adam
And was jealous of his sons, with the fast
We fight him and overcome him with the power of the first-born.
2. The fast is a weapon from which arrows issue
Against the Evil one. In the fast the anointed One
The chief of the victors overcame Satan
By a legal struggle
not be a forced compulsion as (of a) God.

App 1.3
By the body in which Adam was defeated in Eden
By the craftiness of the snake, through the food
He made (them) err in the beginning on this account.
Though he was a God he was a man,
In the fast he fought and overcame the Evil One.

App 1.4
Because he lowered himself and became man
For man's sake. He fasted like a man
Though he was God, and (so overcame the Evil One.
By the pure fast. He became a likeness
For all the skilled that they be likened unto him.

App 1.5
It was not with the strnegth of his divinity
That he fought the Accursed one, but rather like that one
Who fights with an ordinary man.
Therefore he feared for he did not know
How to go forth from the struggle with him.

App 1.6
He saw him as a man
And for this reason he dared fight him.
Though he was not confident as to what would be the end,
To the Evil One from the struggle.
Therefore he rushed forth, was defeated and fell.

App 1.7
By the weapon through which Adam was defeated in Eden,
By it our Lord overcame by the desire of fruit
Adam was defeated. by the fast of he who was distant
From food. By it the anointed overcame the
Evil One who had caused error by the food.

App 1.8
By fast and vigil the body is brought low
From its compulsion. Along with this
All its griefs are brought low. Which like smoke
Cover the body. by the fast they come to rest
Are still and at peace.

App 1.9
In the likeness of wood which makes the flames of a fire
Large, so the body
With food and drink like smoke
It is enflamed. Griefs rise up
And trouble the mind through (their) stench.

App 1.10
Let us love O my brothers, the fast which
multiplies pure fruit. For by it the mind
And soul are brightened. And by it
Clear thoughts come to be. By it good
Intentions in the heart can be thought.

App 1.11
The fast is good for he who loves it
With discernment. For the good things of the soul
Are strengthened by it and the riches of they body
Become numberous by it. And all men
Are invited by it to the wedding feast of life.

App 1.12
Give us, O Good One, purity of heart,
With a pure fast and clear thoughts
Of the heart. That by them both
Soul and body in a perfect course
We may praise you My Lord concerning your gift.

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