Hymn 2

He made that rhetor Isaiah, a herold to rebuke the Fasters
He cried out and herolded: "the ear though blocked is open to the sound of money.
Don't fast while oppressing the orphan,
Don't put on sackcloth while stripping the widow.
Don't bend your neck while subduing the freemen to the yoke."
The fast which causes a howl and defrauds
Declares that gods are hidden in its fraudulence.

Blessed is the first born who gave us the fast which stops the stream of desire

Cain adorned his daughters like flowers for the Sons of Elohim Gen 6:1
Cains two sons invented, as is written, singing and instruments Gen 4:17ff1
Tubal Cain fashioned beautiful cymbols. Yubal made beautiful harps.
While the Left played they captured the party of the Right
The sons of Seth acted wickely and fell.
They lost their great name Gen 6:1
Among the daughters of men.

Who can even for a little depict Sin, how big it is, what its nature is.
It tore up The People.
Whose rebellious and murderous mouths grew ever more numerous.
The animals of the valley were despised by her; those animals Daniel saw
For within [these animals] Sin accomplished the fracture of paganism
To all four corners of the world she turned;
Only The Heights are saved from her blows

There is one whose nature is swift and can defeat sin in battle with a brilliant defeat.
[Sin] mourns and grieves to see that he is pure,
She cannot reach him because of her filth
Which is in her talons and teeth.
To every body the breath of her mouth reaches.
The Light One rests in a crag, and bears himself over it.
Blessed is he who put on Adam and lept across, by the wood, to Paradise.

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