Hymn 6

Gather and be merchants on the Fast day
For the Scriptures are a Divine treasure house.
And with the sacred key of a spoken voice
They are opened before the congregants
Blessed is the king who opened a House of Treasures for the needy

There are in them garments for those invited to the feast
There are in them sackcloth and tears for the penitents
There is in their midst also a weapon for athletes.
They are full of every type of wealth
Blessed is he who prepares all sorts of aides for all people.

Open and take, my brothers, from it with discernment
For this Treasure House is a common one for all people
Each man has its key like a treasurer
Who does not become rich?
Blessed is he who released us from our lowly deeds.

Great is the gift which is cast before our blindness
Though all have 2 eyes
Few are those who see
What the gift is and to whom (it belongs).
Have mercy, My Lord, for the blind who see merely (physical) gold.

Jesus who opened the eyes of Bartimaus Jn 9:1
You opened the eyes which were blinded though he did not will it.
Open, O Lord, the eyes which we have blinded,
Even though we willed it, so that your grace might abound.
The soil (you mixed) teaches, O Lord, that you are our maker.

Who is like you who honors our countenance
He spit on the ground, not on the face, so as to extol our image.
O Lord, spit in our face!
Open the eyes which our freedom has shut
Blessed is he who given (back to us) the eye of intelligence which we blinded.

Who is not astonished at Adam and the opening of his (eyes).
For the opening of Adam's eyes did him great harm.
But, O Lord, the opening of our eyes is a great help
For the Evil One has held them shut
Blessed be he who closed and opened the eyes so as to help us.

Who would not curse the 'thorn' who handed us over
He deceitfully opened the eyes of Adam and he saw his shame
He persuaded us and smeared our eyes.
So that we not see our great nakedness
May he be cursed , O Lord, by everyone, so that you may be blessed by everyone.

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