Hymn 8

O Sin which heated the oven
To consume the truth that was in it.
She did not know that she had made an oven of testing
So that the beauty of truth be praised.
(When) the fire gatherd her heralds they were stripped.
For those on the side of Sin became burnt ashes, outside of the oven.
Truth shined victorious through the three;
They were beautiful, like gold, when they came forth

Blessed is he who shined through the children in Babylon

(Nebuchadnezzar's) idolatry
And royal kingdom, which was so exalted, came to failure
For, Media, the mother of the simple
Overcame Babel the offspring of the Astrologers
Media the simple and naive overcame
The diviners and invokers and the lot of the Astrologers.
The Babylonians were brought low
For to all of them one death came.

The Astrologers were shamed
For they did not forsee (lit: perceive) the slaying of her friends
She was reproved and shamed in anger
Because her magic did not rise to her aide.
She had given the cup of anger as drink to all the kings,
The dregs of that cup remained for her to drink..
Those who had given drink to the former ones,
now must consume the dregs at the behest of the latter ones.

The Faster read and interpreted
The judgment which was written for the Chaldeans.
On the wall the finger of the Most High had written,
In a parable it had written so as to be interpreted,
Those at table were shocked instantly, when they saw the writings.
They were disturbed at its reading, for they read it but did not understand it.
The Greedy and wise were shamed,
For a faster entered, read, and even interpreted.

It was a feast where even Legion was present,
With drinking they feted Satan.
He ran and rested on their cups,
Their cups spoke of blasphemy.
The palm of the hand troubled the recliners
And troubled their drinks by the hand of the Faster
Who didn't recline among them.
He entered and undid, by his reading, their crown.

The desirable Faster who did not fall,
Into the oven, fell in the (lion-) pit.
So that Truth be victorious on all sides
So that it be seen that its over and in all.
For when he voided the idol and its name,
The Greedy ones cast the Faster to the wild animals.
So that in the pit and oven,
The savior of the victorious be praised.

The Faster fell amid the animals
The odor of his fast spread in the pit
Tranquil whisper of prayer overcame
Fearful roar of the Lions
The roar of a petition voided that other roar
The sound of the humble one abated the stronger
The wild animals were abased,
By the fast and humility of Daniel.

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