Table of Contents for The Hymns on Fasting

HYMN 1 The True Fast and Christ, Adam, and Satan
Christ Adam and the Fast
The Fast Purifies the Eye of the Soul to See God
The Fast And the Temptation of the Lord
The Fast Lets One See the Invisible Enemy
The True Fast and the Scriptures
The Fast of Christ
The Effort of the Enemy to Make the Fast of No Use
The False Fast of the Jews
Ephrem's Lament
HYMN 2 Isaiah Concerning the Fast; Sin; Christ's Victory
Isaiah against the Fasts of the Jews
The Daughters of Cain and the Sons of Seth
The Nature of Sin
Christ's Victory over Sin
HYMN 3 The Fall and Redemption
The Fall of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge
The Fast at which Naboth was Stoned
Incarnation and Cross Save the Soul
HYMN 4 The Battle of the Fast; Satan and the Unity of the Church; The Jews and the Passover
The Fast heals the Soul
The Fast Makes Rich
The Fast Liberates the Soul
The Fast Strengthens the Soul
The Fast Strengthens the Young
Sackcloth of Faster as Garment of Glory
The Case of Mordechai and Esther
The Three Lads in the Fiery Furnace
The path of the Faster

HYMN 5 The Fast and Scripture; the Opening of the Eyes
The Fast as Preparation for Easter
Adam, Christ and the Fast
The Faster in Combat with the Evil One
The Evil One and the Unity of the Church
Hidden Unity of the Image
The Jews and the True Pascha

HYMN 6 The Example of the Three Young Men in the Furnace and Elijah
Fasting and the Scriptures
The Gift of Eyesight
Healing of Bartimaeus
Opening of Adam's Eyes

HYMN 7 Daniel and the Hand which wrote; Daniel and the Lion's Den
Fasting as Nourishment of Soul
Example of the Lightness Birds
Fasting in Daniel One
Three Lads in the Fiery Furnace
The Fourth in the Furnace
Fire in the Service of Elijah
Why Daniel was not Cast in the Furnace

HYMN 8 Daniel and the Hand which wrote; Daniel and the Lion's Den
The Three Youthes in the Fiery Furnace
The Chaldean Babel was Destroyed by the Medes
Daniel and the Hand which Wrote
Daniel and the Lions-den

HYMN 9 Daniel and his Companions and the Fast
The Fast of Danel and his Friends
The Fast of the Daniel in his Old Age
The Names of Daniel and Misael
Daniel and his Friends Saved those in Error by their Fast

HYMN 10 Moses and the Fast
Moses Flees from the Table of Pharoah and Chooses the Fast on the Mountain
The Fast of Moses and the Calf of the People
The Manna and the Grumbling People
The Advantages of the Faster
HYMN Appendix 1 Christ and Adam and the Fast
The Weapon of Fasting and Christ
Christ and Adam, the Forbidden Fruit and the Fast.
Satan and the Temptation of Jesus
The Fast and the Suffering of the Body
The Effects of the Fast
Closing Prayer
HYMN Appendix 2 Daniel in the Lion's Den; The three Young Men in the Oven
HYMN Appendix 3 The Fast and other Virtues
HYMN Appendix 4 Freely Willed and Forced Fasts