Hymn 1 The Mountain of Paradise; Its Physical Setting: Its Inhabitants at the End of Time; The Descent of Humankind from Adam to Noah; Paradise, the front of Paradise, and Gehenna

The Portrayal of Paradise in Genesis as Starting Point
The Mountain of Paradise and Its Climbers
Cloud-Chariots of the Saints
Two Similes of the Position of Paradise
Descent from the Mountain from Adam to Noah
Paradise and Gehenna
The Region in front of Paradise

Hymn 2 The Judging Paradise; Its Fig Tree and Sources; Its Stages or Divisions

The Gate of Paradise as Judge
The Growth of Good and Evil
The Growth of the Good and the Evil
The Contrast of Paradise from Within and Without
The Fig-Tree
The Springs of Paradise and their Relation to Earth
The Design and Gradients in Paradise

Hymn 3 The Tree of Life and of Knowledge: Adam's Fall

The Tree of Life on the Top of Paradise
The Tree of Knowledge in the Middle as a Border between inner and outer Paradise
The Two-Fold Knowledge (Lordship and Shame), which Would Have Been a Reward for Obedience, Became a Punishment for Disobedience
The Flight of Adam in his Nakedness from Paradise; Comparison to King Uzziah
Adam Should Have Served God, through the Commandment, as a Priest in the Outer Region of Paradise

Hymn 4 Adam's Expulsion and Return; Inner and Outer Reaches of Paradise

The Expulsion of Adam
The Expulsion and Return of the Lepers from the Camp as a Type for Adam
The Thief and Adam's Return
Moses and Adam
The Inner and Outer Reaches of Paradise and the Enclosure around it
Ephrem's Inability to Describe Paradise; His Remorse and Plea for Mercy

Hymn 5 Paradise has Room for all those Resurrected; From Pardise to Earth

Nature and Scripture Testify to the Creator
Paradise in the Book of Genesis
The Bowers of the Saints
Paradise has Room for All the Saints
Trisagion in Paradise
Paradise, Earthly Life, Death
Prayer for Mercy
Hymn 6 Paradise and Church; The Saints, Their Intercessions and Powe/head

Description of Paradise Leads to a Consideration of it
Paradise as a Reward for Ascetics; Ecstatic Effect of Considering Paradise
The Dignity and Splendor of Man Excedes Paradise
Church and Paradise
The Freely-Willed Good Works Constitute the Fruit of the Church; They Overwhelm the Fruit of Paradise
The Holy Ones in Paradise
Intercessory Power of the Saints
The Saints as Salt
Elijah in Paradise and Virginity
ephrem's Confession
Hymn 7 The Various Conditions in Paradise; Special Reward for Special Virtues

Paradise as a Consolation for Mourners and Poor
The Clothes of Paradise and of Earth
The Young, the Married, the Elderly in Paradise
The Spiritual and Corporal Completeness of Man in Paradise
Special Rewards for Special Virtues
The Joy of the Inhabitants of Paradise
Ephrem's Prayer for Mercy for Those in the Enclosure before Paradise
Our Shame before God and Man

Hymn 8 Soul and body in Paradise

The Righteous Thief and Paradise
Dependence of the Soul on the Body
The Body and Soul in Paradise
Souls of Just Wait at Borders of Paradise until Resurrection
Hymn 9 The Air of Paradise and the Visio Beatifica as Nourishment; Our Spiritual Vision

Struggle on Earth, Crown in Heaven
The Trees of Paradise Fete the Saints
The Air of Paradise as Nourishment
The Nourishment of the Soul in Paradise; Relationship of Body to Soul
Visio Beatifica

Hymn 10 Climate and Fruitfulness; Penitents before Paradise

The Seasons and Paradise
Uninterrupted Stream of Fruit
God's Mercy in the Enclosure Before Paradise

Hymn 11 The Spiritual Nature of Pardise; Its Fragrant Breath

The Air of Paradise
The Spiritual Nature of Paradise Yet the Need for an Earthly Description
The Breath of Paradise
Pentecost and the Air of Paradise
Ephrem's Prayer
Hymn 12 The Fall; Adam and Uzziah; Adam and Christ; Thre Fruit of Both Trees as Reward; Man and Animal

Where did the Snake get its Knowledge about the Tree?
The Example of Uzziah and Abraham
Adam and Christ, the Temptation
Adam and Christ, Legion
Adam and Christ, the Cross
Righteousness and Christ
The Fruit of Both Trees and Adam's Reward
Animal and Man

Hymn 13 Expulsion to the Land of the Animals; Return through Penitence; Nebuchadnezzar and Other Biblical Examples

The Earth as the Dwelling of Animals; Paradise as the Dwelling for Adam
The Earth as the Dwelling of Animals; Paradise as the Dwelling for Adam
Adam and Nebuchadnezzar
Sampson, Adam, and Christ
Jonah in the Fish
Joseph in Prison
Day of Death as Day of Freedomd
Hymn 14 Continuation of Biblical Examples; Longing for Paradise

Foolish Love of Men for this Life
Examples of the Righteous: Jeremiah in the Pit, Daniel in Babylon, Noah in the Ark, Moses in Egypt, Jacob with Laban
Longing for Joy of Paradise
Fortune of those who Die Young
The Meaning of Our Testing in this World

Hymn 15 The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge; Adam and Uzziah; The Snake and Ass of Balaam; Satan and Iskariot

The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge as the Door and Key to Paradise, like the word of Elisha to his servant or the breaking of bread at Emmaus
Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and the Ephod
Adam and Uzziah; Fruit and Incense
The Snake, the Ass of Balaam, Satan and Iskariot
Ephrem's Prayer