Hortus Deliciarum, Folio 3r

Panel 1: The First Day: Fiat Lux


Fragment of an hymn to St. Michael, which outlines the nine orders of angels in honor of the archangel Michael. Above the hymn, clarifications are noted to make the hymn consistent with the organization of the angels as in Folio 2v.

Angelic host, and archangelic batallion

sovereign troop,

heavenly virtue and almiphona (??) power;

Numinous dominion, and divine thrones

Ethereal Cherubim and fiery Seraphim.


In God's divine production, the good comes into being


1. next to heads of angels on left: seraphim and other angels

2. left of creator's head: incomprehensible majesty

3. right of creator's head: a movement of thought, I am completely and everywhere present.

4. next to heads of angels on right: cherubim and other angels.

5. right of creator's shoulder: Let there be "light" (that is, "angelic natures") and there was light.

6. left of creator's right hand: This world--inside and out--is encompassed by the right hand.

7. right of the scroll held by the creator: "Let there be light" (and let an angel be established), and there was light (and an angel was established).

Panel 2: Lucifer in Glory


Lucifer: Seal of the likeness of God, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty in the Gardern of the Delights of God (Ezek. 28:12-13), was less than God.


1. Scroll held across Lucifer: You are the cherub, extensive and shielding, and I placed you in the holy mountain of God (Ezek. 28:14)

2. Left of Lucifer's garment: The covering of the first angel had every precious stone: sardonyx, topaz, and jasper; chrysolite, onyx, and beryllium; sapphire, ruby, and emerald (Ezek. 28:13), because he was esteemed above all the companies of angels, and was more glorious in comparison to them.