H.E. Gaylord, How Satanael lost his "-el," JJS 38 (1982) 303-309, p. 305

Slavonic III Baruch

And he said to Michael, Sound the trumpet for the angels to assemble and bow down to the work of my hands which I made. And the angel Michael sounded the trumpet, and all the angels assembled, and all bowed down to Adam order by order. But Satanael did not bow down and said, To mud and dirt I will never bow down. And he said, "I will establish my throne above the clouds and I will be like the highest." (Isa. 14:13-14) Because of that, God cast him and his angels from his face just as the prophet said, "These withdrew from his face, all who hate God and the glory of God." (Ps. 67:2) And God commanded an angel to guard Paradise. And they ascended in order to bow down to God. Then having gone, Satanael found the serpent and he made himself into a worm. And he said to the serpent, Open (your mouth), consume me into your belly. And he went through the fence into Paradise, wanting to deceive Eve. But because of that one I was cast out from the glory of God. And the serpent ate him and went into Paradise and found Eve and said, What did God command you to eat from the food of Paradise? And Eve said, From every tree of Paradise we eat; from this tree God commanded us not to eat. And having heard, Satanael said to her, God bedgrudged the way you live lest you be immortal; take and eat and you will see and give it to Adam. And both ate and the eyes of both were opened and they saw that they were naked.