Coptic encomium on Michael, attributed to Chrysostom, (Paris 131(1),43)

From W.E. Crum, "Texts Attributed to Peter of Alexandria" Journal of Theological Studies 4 (1903) p. 396-97 n. 3.
'The angels beheld the likeness and image of God in Adam and they fell down and worshipped him and gave him glory as the likeness of God. But Mastêma, which is Sataniêl, saw the honour that was given to Adam and he was greatly jealous. He stiffened his neck before the Lord and said unto the angels: "it befits not us to worship Adam, for he is virgin (parthenikos) of earth; but we are angels (formed) of flames of fire and honourable, (made) from the elements (hyle pl.) of fire, while he is earth from the earth." And he desired in his wickedness to lead astray (skandalizein) the angels, going in and stiffening his neck before God. But Michael the archangel and all the orders (tagma pl.) of heaven marvelled at the pride of the devil (diabolos) and his vainglory (kenodoxia) and they hardened their hearts against his tyranny (tyrannos) beseeching him daily that he would leave his pride and repent and become humble and remain in his honour. But he would not hear them, but he conceived trouble, &c.' (Ps 7: 15;17).