Ezek 28, Septuagint Version

Ezek 28, Septuagint Version

28.11 And the word of the Lord was to me saying,

28.12 son of man, take up a dirge over the prince of Tyre and say to him: Thus says the Lord, the Lord: "You are the seal of likeness and the beautiful garland.

28.13 In the delights of paradise of God you were, wearing every excellent stone: sardine, topaz, emerald, carbuncle, sapphire, jasper, silver, gold, ligure, agate, amethyst, chrysolite, beryl, and onyx. You filled your storehouses and treasuries with gold (from) within you from the day of your creation.

28.14 With the Cherub I set you in the holy mountain of God. You were in the midst of fiery stones.

28.15 You were blameless in your days from the day of your creation until the unjust matters were found in you.

28.16 From the abundance of your merchandise you filled your roooms with iniquity. You sinned and were wounded from the mountain of God and the Cherub led you from the midst of the burning stones.

28.17 Your heart was exalted in view of your beauty, your knowledge was corrupted with your beauty. Through the abundance of your sin I cast you on the earth. Before kings I placed you to be shamed.

28.18 Because of the multitude of your sins and the unjust matters of your merchandise I profaned your temple.