Demonstrate Number Five
"On Wars
Again he said to him, "you were with the Cherub who is anointed and overshadowing."(Ezek 28:14) For "Cherub" means the [Davidic] king who was anointed with holy anointing-oil, and he "overshadows" all his people as Jeremiah says in the book of Lamentations ) "The spirit of our nostrils [is] the anointed one of the Lord."(4:20 This is the one of whom we read "by his shade we live amid the peoples." For by the shade of the king they dwelt as he stood at their head. When the crown of their head fell, they were without shade. If someone says that this text is about the Anointed One [to come], the let him accept something I wrote as beyond dispute; let him be persuaded that this text is about a [human] king. For Jeremiah says on behalf of the people "Woe to us that our crown has fallen."(Lam 5:16) Certainly the Anointed One has not fallen. For he roase on the third day. The king of the Jews fell and their kingship is no more.

Ezekiel goes on to say: "The Cherub who overshadows shall destroy him."{Ezek 28:16) The Cherub who destroys is Nebuchadnezzar [the king of Babylon] as it is written, He labored against Tyre and no wages were given to him from Tyre for his work. In place of the work against Tyre, the land of Egypt was given to him." Why were the wages of Tyre not given to Nebuchadnezzar? Because their wealth went into the sea and Nebuchadnezzar did not take it. At that moment the Cherub who overshadows, who is Nebuchadnezzar, destroyed him. There were two Cherubs. One was anointed and overshadowing, and one who was overshadowing but not anointed. For Nebuchadnezzar was not anointed but only David, Solomon, and the other kings in their dynastic line were.