Adam's Story of the Fall

7.1 And Adam said to him: "When God made us, me and your mother, through whom also I die, he gave us power to eat of every tree which is in Paradise, but, concerning that one only, He charged us not to eat of it, and through this one we are to die. 32.1 Adam answered and said, "Hear me, my children. When God made us, me and your mother, and placed us in Paradise and gave us all fruitbearing trees for food, he forbade us, saying, 'Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is in the midst of Paradise, you may not eat.' [32]7.1 Adam said to him, "When God made us, me and your mother, he gave us a command not to eat of that tree. [32]7.1 Adam told Seth, "Son, when God made us,your mother and me, he set us in the the Garden of delights [to eat its fruit.] But there was one plant in the middle of the Garden, (very) beautiful, concerning which God ordered us, 'Eat not of it.'
7.2 And the hour drew near for the angels who were guarding your mother to go up and worship the Lord, And the enemy gave it to her and she ate from the tree. You know that I was not near her nor the holy angels. [32]7.2 Satan deceived us at the hour when the angels who were guardians of the tree ascended to worship God. Then, Satan caused Eve to eat that fruit; [32]7.2 And the serpent deceived your mother and caused her to eat of it, because of which, now, we are going to die. When it was the hour for the guardian angels [to ascend] to worship God, the enemy deceived her and she ate of it 8-10.3 At that time, when it was the sixth hour, Eve saw Satan and venerated him, because he came in the form of an angel, and he gave to Eve from the tree and she transgressed the commands of the Lord and ate of what the serpent had handed her."
7.3 Then she gave also to me to eat. [32]7.3a Eve caused me, who did not know, to eat it. [32]7.3 and she deceived me, my children, for I did not know.
32.2 God, however, gave part of Paradise to me, and part to your mother, to me he gave the tree of the eastern and northern part (which is against the north?), and to your mother he gave the southern and western part. [32]7.3b For, my son Seth, God divided the Garden between me and your mother Eve, that we might watch it. To me he gave the eastern portion and the northern, and to your mother, the western and the southern. [32]7.4 And God had divided the Garden between us myself and your mother Eve so that we might guard it. As for me, he had given me the eastern and northern portion; to your mother Eve he had entrusted the southern and the western portion.
33.1 The Lord God gave us two angels to watch over us. 33.1 We had twelve angels who went around with each of us, because of the guarding of the Garden, until the time of the light. [33].1 And there were twelve angels with each of us to guard us until the time of the dawn,
33.2 The hour came for the angels to ascend to the sight of God for worship. At once, the Devil, our adversary, found the place. 33.2 Since, every day they would go forth to worship the Lord, at the time when they went to the heavens, at that time Satan deceived your mother and caused her to eat of the fruit. Satan knew that I was not with her, nor the angels, at that time he caused her to eat. [33].2 but each day, they ascended (there). And at the moment of their ascent, the serpent deceived your mother and caused her to eat of the tree, for he had seen that I was not with her any more than the angels. 8-10.4 And Seth asked, "Who instructed the serpent?" 8-10.5 Adam said to his son, "The devil changed himself into radiant form and came to the serpent in the form of an angel and said to it, 'You are very intelligent, give to Eve from the tree, she will taste it and also give it to Adam.'
8-10.6 And thus it happened and for this reason we have fallen prey to sickness and death.
33.3 Then she ate and gave to me to eat. 33.3 Afterwards, also, she gave it to me. [33].3 She also made me eat of it and I did not understand.
8.1 And God was angry with us, and the Lord came into Paradise and set up his throne and called me in a terrible voice and said: "Adam, where art you? And why do you hide from my face? Shall the house be able to hide itself from its builder?" 34.1 Immediately, the Lord God grew angry with us and said to me, [34]8.1 I knew then, when I ate the fruit, that God was angry with us. [34]8.1 When we had eaten, God became angry with us 8-10.7 Then the Master came, and in the center of Paradise his throne was set up, and he called out in a frightful voice, 'Adam, Adam, where are you?'
8-10.8 I said, 'I am naked, O Lord, and I cannot come out.'
8.2 And he said to me: "Since you have abandoned my covenant, I have brought upon your body seventy-two strokes; first a stroke to the eyes, second a stroke to the hearing, and likewise in turn strokes shall follow upon (all parts of) the body." 34.2 'Because you have forsaken my mandate and have not kept my word which I entrusted to you, I will bring upon your body seventy afflictions. You will be racked with pains from the top of your head, eyes, and ears, to the bottom of your feet, and in every single member.' This he counted as punishment fitting in suffering [to the seriousness of our transgression] concerning the trees (of suffering for the transgression of the fruit of the tree?) The Lord sent all these ills upon me and all our generations." [34]8.2 God said, 'Because you transgressed my commandment, I shall bring seventy afflictions upon your body, pain of the eyes and ringing of the ears and all the joints.' It will be reckoned for me ? among the afflictions of sickness which are preserved in the treasuries, so that God might send them in the last times." [34]8.2 and he told us, 'You have, therefore, scorned my commandment; I too will scorn you.' And he sent 70 evils upon us, to our eyes, and to our ears and as far as our feet, plagues and portents laid up in (his) treasuries. This God did to me to cause me to die a death." 8-10.9 And the Lord said, 'You have never hidden yourself from me." Since you hide from me, you have thus transgressed my commandment.
8-10.10 I will inflict your body abundantly with injuries and your heart with pains.
8-10.11 The first sickness will be a pain in the belly, the second sickness [will be] dimness of vision and deafness, and on top of this, there will follow seventy-two illnesses of all sorts besides.'"