Comand to Retrieve the Oil

9.1 As he said this to his sons, Adam groaned sore and said: "What shall I do? I am in great distress." 35.1 Saying this to all his children, Adam was seized with great pains, and crying out with a great voice, he said, "What shall I do, I who am unfortunate, being in so much pain?" [35]9.1 When Adam said this to his son Seth, he cried out and said, "What shall I do, for I am in great pains and toils." [35]9.1 When Adam said this to his son Seth, he cried out and said, "What shall I do? I am in great pain."
9.2 And Eve wept and said: "My lord Adam, rise up and give me half of your pain and I will endure it; for it is on my account that this has happened to you, on my account you have these troubles." 35.2 When Eve saw him, she began to cry and said, "My Lord God, transfer his pain over to me, since it was I who sinned." Eve then said to Adam, "My lord, give me part of your pain, since by me this blame came upon you." [35]9.2 Eve wept and said, "My lord Adam. Arise, give me some of your pain, so that I might receive and bear it, for these pains which have come upon you, came about because of me." [35]9.2 Eve said, weeping, "My lord Adam, give me half of your sufferings and I will bear your present pain, for your suffering is due to me and it is I who caused these pains to come upon you." 11-15.2 Then Eve said to him amid tears, "Stand up, my husband, and give me a portion of your pain, we will both share it together; for on account of me you suffer such agony."
9.3 But Adam said to Eve, "Arise and go with my son Seth near to Paradise, and put earth upon your heads and weep 36.1 Adam then said to Eve, "Rise, go with my son, Seth, near to the gates of Paradise and cast dust on your heads, and prostrate yourself on the ground, lamenting in the sight of God. [36]9.3 Adam said to her, "Arise, go with your son Seth, close to the Garden and there cast dust on your heads and weep before God. [36]9.3 And Adam told Eve, "Arise and go with Seth, my son, to the Garden; cast soil on your head and weep before God so that he might give us grace. 11-15.3a Adam, however, said to Eve, "It is impossible to share it, but rise up together with your son Seth and go to Paradise, and cry, while sprinkling dust on your heads,
9.4 and pray God to have mercy upon me and send his angel to Paradise, and give me of the tree out of which the oil flows, and bring it to me, and I shall anoint myself and shall have rest from my illness. 36.2 Perhaps he will take pity and send his angel over to the tree of his mercy from which flows the oil of life, and will give you a little of it with which to anoint me so that I may have rest from these pains with which I am consumed." [36]9.4 Perhaps God will pity me and send his angel to the Garden, and he will go to the place where the olive-tree stands, from which oil comes forth, and give you a little of it, so that you might bring it to me and I might anoint my bones and be separated from pain, [36]9.4 And (God) will send his angel to the Garden where the tree of life is, from which the oil flows out, so that he may give you a little of that oil. And you will bring it here to me and I will anoint myself and I will be healed of my sufferings. 11-15.3b perhaps God will hear your prayer and grant to me from the Tree of Oils, that I might learn if perhaps my pain may be eased."
9.5 And I will show you the way in which we were deceived at first." [36]9.5 and I might teach you this way ... which we were tried formerly." [36]9.5 Then I will let you know the whole way in which we were tried."