Arrival at Paradise

13.1 And Seth went with Eve near Paradise, and they wept there praying to God to send his angel and give them the oil of mercy. 40.1 Seth and his mother then walked to the region of Paradise for the oil of mercy to anoint the sick Adam. Arriving at the gate of Paradise, they picked up dust from the ground and cast it on their heads, and prostrated themselves on the ground and began to lament with a great moan, beseeching the Lord God that He might have mercy on Adam in his pains, and send his angel to give them some oil from the tree of his mercy. [40]13.1 Seth, with Eve , went close to the Garden, and they wept with loud lament and asked God to send an angel to help them. [40]13.1 As for Seth, he went with Eve to the Garden. And they were weeping close to the wall of the Garden, and there they supplicated God to send them his angel.
13.2a And God sent the archangel Michael and he said to Seth: 41.1 41:1 [FROM THE GOS. OF NICO. 41:1 [After they had prayed and pleaded for many hours, behold, the angel Michael appeared to them and said, "I was sent to you by the Lord. I was given power over the human body. [41]13.2a God sent to them the angel Michael, who is prince of souls, and he spoke the words to them," [41]13.2a [And God sent to them the archangel Michael], who is in charge of the souls, and he told Seth, 16-17.2a And God sent his archangel Michael and he spoke to Seth,
13.2b "Seth, man of God, weary not yourself with prayers and entreaties concerning the tree which flowed with oil to anoint your father Adam. 41.2 I tell you, Seth, man of God, do not weep, praying and pleading for the oil of the tree of mercy to anoint your father Adam on account of the pains of his body. [41]13.2b Seth, man of God: Do not labor to supplicate for the oil which issues forth from the tree that oil of joy to anoint your father Adam. [41]13.2b "Man of God, do not labor to supplicate thus concerning the olive tree, in order to anoint your father Adam.