Michael's Reply

13.3 For it shall not be your now, but in the end of the times. Then shall all flesh be raised up from Adam till that great day—all that shall be of the holy people.
13.4 Then shall the delights of Paradise be given to them and God shall be in their midst.
13.5 And they shall no longer sin before his face, for the evil heart shall be taken from them and there shall be given them a heart understanding the good and to serve God only.
42.1 For in no wise can you receive any until the last days, after 5500 years have passed. [42]13.3a This cannot be now: but then, at that time when the years of the end are filled and completed, [42]13.3a This is not to be right now but in the future times, when five thousand years have been completed. Then, at the five and a half thousandth year,
42.2 Then the most loving king of God will come upon the earth to resurrect the body of Adam, and, with him, the bodies of all the dead. [42]13.3b then the beloved Christ will come to resurrect Adam's body, because of his sins which took place. [42]13.3b the beloved son of God, Christ, will come upon the earth to re[surrect] Adam's body from his fall, because of the transgression of the commands.
42.3 The very Son of God, when he comes, will be baptized in the river Jordan, and when he comes forth from the water of the Jordan, he will then anoint all who believe in him with the oil of his mercy. [42]13.3c He will come to the Jordan and be baptized by him, and when he will come forth from the water, then Michael will come and anoint the new Adam with the oil of joy. [42]13.3c He will come and he will be baptized in the river Jordan. And as soon as he will have come forth from the water, with the (anointing) of oil, he will anoint him, him
42.4 This oil of mercy will be from generation to generation on those who are reborn of water and the Holy Spirit into eternal life. [42]13.4 Then, after that, it shall happen in the same fashion to all the wild beasts of the earth, who will arise in resurrection and be worthy of entering the Garden. I shall anoint them with that oil. [42]13.4 and all his descendants, so that they will rise at the time of the resurrection. The Lord said, 'I will admit them into the Garden and I will anoint them with that unction.'
42.5 Then, the most loving Son of God will descend into the earth and lead your father, Adam, back into Paradise to the tree of mercy. END NIC]