Return to Adam

13.6 But do go back to your father since the term of his life is filled in three days, and when his soul goes forth you will see its awesome ascent." 43.1 But you, Seth, go to your father, Adam, for the time of his life is complete. Six days hence, his soul will go forth from his body, and, when it does, you will see great wonders in heaven and on earth, and in the lights of heaven." [43]13.6 But you, go to Adam your father, for his times will be full in three days and you have to see many wonders in heavens and upon earth and in all luminaries which are in the heavens." [43]13.6 But now, go to your father Adam, because the days of his times are completed. (In) three days his soul will go out of his body and numerous wonders will be seen in the heavens."
14.1a After the angel said these things it left them. 43.2 Saying this, Michael at once withdrew from Seth. [44]14.1a When the angel had spoken this, he disappeared behind a tree of the Garden. [44]14.1a When the angel had told that to him, (immediately) he was hidden underneath the plant of the Garden. 16-17.3 And he gave him three branches (from the tree, on account of which he was expelled): from the spruce, from the cedar, and from the cyprus.
43.3 Seth and Eve went home, carrying with them [a small branch and] spices--nard, crocus, calaminth, and cinnamon. [III "Legend of the Holy Rood"] 16-17.4 And Seth took the branches and brought them to his father.
14.1b And Seth and Eve came to the hut where Adam was lying. 44.1 When Seth and his mother reached Adam, they said to him [III all that had been done on the way, and said] that the beast, the serpent, had bitten Seth. [44]14.1b Thenceforth, Seth and Eve came to the hut where Adam lay sick. Adam remembered about the transgression of the eating of the tree, [44]14.1b Now, Seth and Eve departed for Adam's hut. And Adam wept because of the wound of the beast 16-17.5 And Adam saw and recognized them, and with a heavy sigh he coiled a wreath, and set it on his head, and called his sons and grandchildren to him.