Adam's Rebuke of Eve

14.2 And Adam said to Eve: "O Eve, What have you done to us? You have brought great wrath upon us which is death which will rule over our entire race." 44.2 Adam said to Eve, "What have you done? You have brought on us a great affliction, fault and sin unto all our generations. What you have done will be passed on to your children after my death, [44]14.2 and he said to Eve,"Oh, what did you do? What sort of pain did you bring upon us and upon our seed? [44]14.2 and he told Eve, "What has been done with us? (or: "What have we done?") For an evil has come upon us and upon all our descendants.
14.3 And Adam said to Eve: "Call all our children and the children of our children and tell them the manner of our transgression." [44]14.3a Now, then, tell your children how the sin took place, for, behold, I am weakened unto the exhaustion of my strength. [44]14.3a Indeed, tell your children what your sins are:
44.3 for those who arise from us will not have all they need from their labors, but will be lacking. They will curse us, saying, [44]14.3b For, perhaps, when we die, toils will come upon the earth and all the generations who will issue from us will labor. And they will curse us and say, [44]14.3b for we will die, you and I, and misfortunes will spread over the earth. All the descendants who have come forth from us will curse us saying,
44.4 'Our parents, who were from the beginning, brought all these evils on us.'" [44]14.4 'Our father and our mother brought these evils upon us.'" [44]14.4 'It was our father and mother who brought this misfortune upon us.'"
44.5 Hearing this, Eve began to weep and moan. [III "Legend of the wood of the Cross"]