The Portions of Adam and Eve in Paradise

and they were altogether nearly two thousand people they bid Eve, saying, "Our Mother, you know every secret and open thing of our father Adam, tell us, our mother, what does this incredible manifestation which we see mean?"
18-20.2 Then Eve said, "I will share with you, my children, in what manner our enemy deceived us, so that he will not be able to incite you as well against our law.
15.1 Then said Eve to them: "Hear all my children and children's children and I will relate to you how the enemy deceived us. [44]15.1 Then Eve began to weep and said, "Come near me and I will tell you this way, how our sin took place. [44]15.1 Then Eve began to cry and she said, "Now hearken to me, my children, and I will tell you how we were tricked.
15.2 It befell that we were guarding Paradise, each of us the portion allotted to us from God. Now I guarded in my lot, the west and the south. [44]15.2 At the time when your father was guarding the lot of his portion which had been given to him by God and I was guarding in my lot, at the southern and western side. [44]15.2 It happened, (then), that your father was guarding his portion of the Garden, the east and the north, 18-20.3 Adam watched the eastern and northern sides of Paradise, I guarded the western and southern side.
15.3 But the devil went to Adam's lot, where the male creatures were. For God divided the creatures; all the males he gave to your father and all the females he gave to me. Each of us guarded his own portion. [44]15.3 Satan went to your father's lot, where the wild beasts were. He summoned the serpent and said to him, 'Arise, come to me!' [44]15.3a while I was guarding my own portion, the west and the south. And the devil came to Adam's portion. And there were beasts there, 18-20.4 Adam guarded the male animals, I tended the female animals.
[44]15.4 For God had divided the wild beasts and given them to us the male ones he gave to your father and the female ones he gave to me. We used to nourish them according to whichever of us it had been allotted. [44]15.3b for the Lord had also divided the beasts between us. All (that were) male He had given to Adam, and all (that were) female, He had given to me. And we each fed our own ones.