Satan's Encounter with the Beast

16.1 And the devil spoke to the serpent saying, 'Rise up, come to me and I will tell you a word whereby you may have profit.' And he arose and came to him. [44]16.1 Satan said to the serpent, 'Arise, come to me and I will tell you something which is of profit to you.' [44]16.1 When the devil came to your father's portion, the devil summoned the serpent and told him, 'Arise and come to me, and I will teach you a useful word.'
16.2 And the devil said to him: 'I hear that you art wiser than all the beasts, and I have come to counsel you. [44]16.2a Then the serpent came to him and Satan said to it, 'I hear that you are wiser than all the wild animals and I have come to see you. I found that there is none like you in your cunning among all the animals. Even as Adam gave nourishment to all the wild beasts, so also you did.' [44]16.2a Then, the serpent came and the Devil told the serpent, '[I hear that] you are wiser than all the animals and I have come to test your wisdom, for Adam gives food to all the animals, thus also to you.
[44]16.2b And then, when the wild beasts went to worship Adam, Satan went with them and said to the serpent, 'Why do you worship Adam every morning? You came into being before him: why is it that you, who are the former one, worship the later? Rather should the younger worship the older. [44]16.2b When then all the animals come to bow down before Adam from day to day and from morning to morning, every day, you also come to bow down. You were created before him, as old (as you) are, and you bow down before this young one!
16.3 Why do you eat of the tares of Adam and his wife and not of Paradise? Rise up and we will cause him to be cast out of Paradise, even as we were cast out through him.' [44]16.3 Why do you worship Adam or why are you fed by Adam and are not fed by the fruit of the Garden ? Come on, rise up, come to me and hear what I say to you. Let us expel Adam from the Garden like us so that we may re-enter the Garden.' [44]16.3 And why do you eat (food) inferior [to Adam's and his spouse's and not the good fruit of the Garden? But come and hearken to me so that we may have Adam expelled from the wall of the Garden] just as we are outside. Perhaps we can reenter the Garden somehow.'
16.4a The serpent said to him, 'I fear lest the Lord be wroth with me.' [44]16.4a The serpent said, 'In what way or how can we expel him from the Garden?' [44]16.4a And the serpent said to him, 'How can we have them excluded?'
16.4b The devil said to him: 'Fear not, only be my vessel and I will speak through your mouth words to deceive them.' [44]16.4b Satan said to the serpent, 'Be you, in your form, a lyre for me and I will pronounce speech through your mouth, so that we may be able to help.' [44]16.4b The devil replied and told the serpent, 'Be a sheath for me and I will speak to the woman through your mouth a word by which we will trick them.' 18-20.6 And he instructed it in everything and sent it to me.