Discovery of Expulsion

29.7a And we grieved for seven days 1.1 When Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise they made for themselves a tent and spent seven days mourning and lamenting in great sadness. 1.1 It came to pass, when Adam went forth from the Garden with his wife, outside, to the east of the Garden, they made themselves a hut to live in and went inside. Their tears fell ceaselessly and they spent their days in unison of mind, weeping and saddened, and they said to one another, "We are far from life." 1.1 It came to pass, when Adam went out from the Garden with his wife Eve, they went out at the eastern part of the Garden. And Adam made a hut to live in. They both entered (it) and resided there for seven days. They both wept with abundant tears, for they regretted the residences of the kingdom from which they had been expelled.
29.7b and after seven days we grew hungry 2.1 But after seven days they began to be hungry and sought food to eat and did not find any. 2.1 Then, after seven days, they grew hungry and looked for food. 2.1 And after seven days, they were hungry and looked for something to eat. 28-29.2 Adam lay down on the ground and cried for seven days and nights, and we had nothing to eat and felt horrible hunger.
29.7c and I said to Adam: 'Rise and give some thought to food that we might eat and live and so that we do not die. Let us get up and circle the earth perhaps God will hear us.' 2.2 Then Eve said to Adam, "My lord, I am hungry. Go, seek for us something to eat. Perhaps the Lord God will look upon us and have mercy on us and will call us back to the place where we were previously." 2.2 Eve said to Adam. "My lord, I am hungry. Arise, seek food so that we may live and know that God is going to come and bring us to the Garden, to our place." 2.2 Eve told Adam: "Adam, my lord, arise and (go) search for food for me that we may eat, until we find out who knows (perhaps) the Lord will accept us and take us back to the same place in the Garden. 28-29.3 I, Eve, cried out with a loud voice, 'Have pity on me, O Creator, for on my account Adam suffers so severely.'
28-29.4 And I said to Adam, 'Get up, my husband, that we may seek nourishment; for my spirit is already diminishing in me and my heart is going numb within me.'
29.7d We arose and went about the entire earth but we did not find food. 3.1 And Adam arose after seven days and walked for seven days over all that land but did not find food such as they had in Paradise. 3.1 They arose and went about upon the earth, and they did not find food like the food by which they had been nourished in the Garden . 3.1 And Adam arose after seven days and went about upon the face of the earth and he did not find any food like that which they used to eat in the Garden. Adam replied to Eve and told her, "We are going to die a death."
3.2a Eve said to Adam, "My lord, would that I might die. Perhaps then the Lord God would bring you back into Paradise, for it was because of me that the Lord God grew angry with you. 3.2a Eve said to Adam, "I am dying of this hunger. It would be better if I were dead, my lord; perhaps then they would bring you into the Garden, for because of me God is angry." 3.2a Eve told Adam, "Oh, if only I were dead then God would have accepted you in the Garden!"
3.2b Adam said, "Great wrath has come upon us, I know not whether because of you or because of me." 3.2b Adam replied to Eve and said to her, "Because of us a great anger lies upon all creatures. (However) I do not know this: whether it is because of me or because of you."
29.8 And I answered and said to Adam: 'Rise, O Lord and destroy me that I might cease from before you and from before God and the angels (and) so that they might cease their anger toward you on my account.' 3.2b Do you wish to kill me, that I might die? Perhaps the Lord God will bring you back into Paradise, since on account of my action you were expelled from there." 3.2c Eve said to him , "Kill me if you wish, so that the wrath and anger may abate from before you for this has come about because of me and they will bring you into the Garden." 3.2c Eve replied to Adam, "My lord, if you think it wise, kill me so that I will be exterminated from the sight of God and his angels, so that God's anger against you may cease, which came about because of me: and he will bring you back into the Garden. 28-29.5a Then Adam said to me, 'Eve, I have half a mind to give you over to death,
29.9a Then Adam answered and said to me, 'For what reason do you call to mind this evil that I could commit murder and impose death upon my rib. How could I lift a hand against the image of God which he made? 3.3 Adam responded, "Don't say such things, Eve, lest the Lord God bring upon us some other curse. How could it be that I should raise my hand against my own flesh? 3.3 Adam said to her. "Eve, do not even mention this matter; lest God bring upon us even greater evils and we become contemptible. How, indeed, can I do you any evil, for you are my body?" 3.3 Adam replied and told her, "No, no! Do not mention this matter, lest God send another judgment upon us because of (this) killing. How could I raise my hand and cause my own flesh to suffer?" 28-29.5b but I am afraid to do so, because God created your countenance. Thus, I cannot destroy the creation of God, on the contrary, because you now are filled with remorse and pray to God, my heart can never part from you.'
3.4 Let us arise and seek for ourselves something by which we might live so that we might not perish." 3.4 Eve said "Arise, so that we may seek vegetable food." 3.4 Then Eve told him, "Arise, let us both seek vegetables."
4.1 Walking about, they searched for many days but did not find anything like they had in Paradise. They only found what animals eat. 4.1 They sought and they did not find vegetable sustenance like that which was in the Garden . 4.1 And they did not find (anything) tasting like the fruit of the tree which was in the Garden. 30-32.1 And Adam stood up and we traveled about the whole earth but found nothing to eat, except thorns, a wild grass.
4.2 Adam said to Eve, "The Lord gave these things to animals and beasts to eat. Ours, however was the angelic food. 4.2 Eve said "... because God established this vegetable food as food for the beasts that they might eat on the earth, but our food is that which the angels eat. 4.2 And Eve told him, "God created that for the beasts to get (as) their food; but our food was that by which the angels live.
29.9b Rather let us repent for forty days so that God may have mercy on us and give to us better food than the animals. 4.3 But justly and worthily do we lament before the face of God who made us. Let us perform a great penitence. Perhaps the Lord God will yield and have mercy on us and give us something by which we might live." 4.3 Arise, let us repent for forty days; perhaps God will pity us and give us food which is better than that of the beasts so that we should not become like them." 4.3 Now, come and let us do penance for forty days, so that God may pity us and then give us better food than that of the animals, lest we should become like them." 30-32.2 And when we returned to Eden (ed. to the gates of Paradise ), we cried together praying, 'Have pity, O Master and Creator, on your creatures; furnish us with nourishment.'