Temptation of Adam

21-22.5 Stand up and come here so that I can share something incredible with you.'
21.1 And I cried out in that very hour, 'Adam, Adam, where are you? Rise up, come to me and I will show you a great mystery.' [44]21.1 I cried out to Adam in a loud voice, 'Arise, come to me and I will show you this way.'
21.2a But when your father came, [44]21.2 Then Adam came to me with his great glory, [44]21.2a Then your father Adam came.
[44]21.2b He had thought thus: that a beast had entered the Garden and he said to me, 'What are you shouting for and why do you have this fig-leaf on yourself?' 21-22.6a And Adam came to me
21.2b I spoke to him words of transgression which have brought us down from our great glory. [44]21.2c I replied to him and I told him, 'Do you wish me to tell you something or not? Until today we were like animals.
21.3 For, when he came, I opened my mouth and the devil was speaking, and I began to exhort him and said, 'Come hither, my lord Adam, hearken to me and eat of the fruit of the tree of which God told us not to eat of it, and you shall be as a God.' [44]21.3 When I understood that of which the Lord had said to us, 'Do not eat of this' and when I saw its splendor, I took of it and ate of it and I learned good and evil. Now, eat also of it and you will you become like God.' 21-22.6b and I opened my mouth and the devil spoke through me about the tree and about knowledge, so that he would also want to taste of it.
21.4 And your father answered and said, 'I fear lest God be angry with me.' And I said to him, 'Fear not, for as soon as you have eaten you shall know good and evil.' [44]21.4a Adam replied to me and told me, 'I fear lest God be angry with me and tell me, "You did not keep my commandment which I gave to you!"'
[44]21.4b But I told the father, 'This blame shall be on me. If He asks you, say thus: "This woman whom you have given me is to blame for that; *she said*: See the flavor of this glory!"'
21.5 And speedily I persuaded him, and he ate and his eyes were opened and he too knew his nakedness. [44]21.5 and I gave him to eat of the fruit, and I made him like me. Subsequently, he, too, came and took a fig leaf and covered his nakedness. [44]21.5 Then I gave him of it and he ate of it and became like me, and he also took a leaf of the fig tree and covered his nakedness with it. 21-22.7a And Adam tasted, and his eyes were opened, and he saw his and my nakedness,
21.6 And to me he said, 'O wicked woman! what have you done to us? You have deprived me of the glory of God.' 21-22.7b and he said to me, 'O wife, what have you done to me?
21-22.8 Why have we departed from the grace of God?'