Entry of God into Paradise

22.1 And in that same hour, we heard the archangel Michael blowing with his trumpet and calling to the angels and saying: [44]22.1 After that, we heard the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet and summoning all the angels and saying to them, [44]22.1 After which we heard from an angel that (God) blew the trumpet. He (had) summoned the angels and told them,
22.2 'Thus says the Lord, "Come with me to Paradise and hear the judgment with which I shall judge Adam."' And when we heard the archangel sound the trumpet we said, 'Behold God is coming into Paradise to judge us.' We feared and we hid. [44]22.2 'Thus says the Lord, "Come to me so that I may descend to the Garden with you, and listen to my judgment with which I will judge Adam."' When we heard the sound of the angel's trumpet, we knew that God was about to come to the Garden to judge us. [44]22.2 'Thus says the Lord, "Come to the Garden and hear the sentence by which we are going to judge (them)."' Adam [told me], 'We have sinned, for God is going to come to judge us.' We were afraid and we hid. 23-24.2 'Thus says the Lord, "We will go down to Paradise to hold a hearing where Adam has sinned, and I will pronounce the verdict on him."'
22.3 And God came into Paradise, mounted on the chariot of his Cherubim with the angels proceeding before him and singing hymns of praises. As God entered Paradise, the plants of Adam's portion flowered but all mine were bereft of flowers. [44]22.3 He set forth upon upon the Cherub chariot and the angels were praising him; consequently, we were afraid and hid. God reached the Garden and all of the plants of the Garden flowered. [44]22.3 And God came to the Garden sitting upon the Cherubs and the angels were singing hymns before him. When he had arrived at the Garden, at once all (the) tree(s) cast off their (its) foliage, 23-24.3 And the Lord came down on the shoulders of the Cherubim and a host of angels with him, singing the eternal song, glorifying God without end.
22.4 And the throne of God was fixed where the Tree of Life was. [44]22.4 He set up his throne close to the tree of life. [44]22.4 and thrones were set up near the tree of life. 23-24.4 And the throne of God was set up in the center of Paradise.
23-24.5 The trees of Adam burst forth in great blossoms, the trees of my half became withered and all their leaves were fallen.
23.1 And God called Adam saying, 'Adam, where are you? Do you think that I won't find you? Can the house be hidden from the presence of its builder?' [44]23.1 God summoned Adam and said, 'Adam, where are you? Do you think that you have hidden and do you say, "He does not know me?" Can the building hide from the Builder, that you hide near that olive-tree ?' [44]23.1 And God summoned Adam and told him, 'Adam, Adam, where are you? Are you hiding from me? Or how will a house hide from its builder? Or why have you hidden near the tree of the Garden?' 23-24.6 And the Lord called Adam, 'O Adam, Adam.'
23.2 Then your father answered; 'It is not because we think we can't be found by you, Lord, that we hide, but I was afraid, because I am naked, and I was ashamed before your might, (my) Master.' [44]23.2 Adam replied and said, 'No, Lord, it is not that having hidden, I think that you will not find me, but I was afraid, for I am naked and I am ashamed.' [44]23.2 Then your father replied and told the Lord, 'I have hidden because I am afraid: I am naked and I am ashamed.' 23-24.7 Adam said, 'Lord, I heard your voice and was terribly afraid, since I am naked.'
23.3 God said to him, 'Who showed you that you are naked, unless you have forsaken my commandment, which I delivered you to keep (it).' [44]23.3 God said to him, 'Who showed you to be naked, if you have not abandoned my commandment which I gave you to observe?' [44]23.3 God replied to him and told him, 'Who told you that you are naked? Have you scorned the commandment which I gave you?' 23-24.8 And the Lord said to him, 'Who told you that you are naked, unless you have tasted from the tree, of which I told you not to taste?'
23-24.9 And the angel took us and brusquely drove us away.
23.4 Then Adam remembered the word which I spoke to him when I wished to deceive him 'I will make you secure before God;' [44]23.4 Then Adam remembered the injunction which He had spoken to him, to do and observe. Adam said,'This woman, whom you gave, deceived me and I ate.' He turned to me and said, 'Why did you do that?' [44]23.4 Then Adam remembered my word(s) which I had said, 'Do not be concerned for (the blame) for it will lie upon me.' And Adam said, 'Lord, it is this woman whom you gave to me who deceived me.' Then He turned towards me and told me, 'What have you done?'
23.5 and he turned and said to me: 'Why have you done this?' And I said, 'The serpent deceived me.' [44]23.5 I recalled the serpent's speech and said, 'The serpent deceived me.' [44]23.5 And I remembered the serpent's word and I said, 'It is the serpent who deceived me!'