Adam's Plea for Mercy

27.1 After saying these things he commanded the angels to cast us out of Paradise: [44]27.1 When God had said this, he commanded our expulsion from the Garden, [44]27.1 Thus God said, and he ordered both of us to be expelled from the Garden.
27.2 and as we were being driven out amid our loud lamentations, your father Adam besought the angels and said: 'Leave me a little (space) that I may entreat the Lord that he have compassion on me and pity me, for I only have sinned.' [44]27.2 and the angels set about expelling us. Adam beseeched the angels and said, 'Let me be for a little, so that I may beseech God about my sins. Perhaps he will grant me penitence and not expel me from the Garden.' [44]27.2 Adam beseeched the angels and told them, 'Wait for me to beseech the Lord; who knows, perhaps the Lord will grant me a penance for that which I have done and I will not go out of the Garden.' 25-27.2 We, however, bid the angel saying to him, 'Be a little patient with us, so that we may entreat God.'
27.3 And they left off driving him and Adam cried aloud and wept saying: 'Pardon me, O Lord, my deed.' [44]27.3 The angels let him be from expelling him from the Garden, and Adam said,'Be gracious to me, Lord God, for I have sinned against you.' [44]27.3 Then the angels waited for us to ask. Adam beseeched the Lord and said, 'I beseech you, Lord, pardon me for what I have done.' 25-27.3 And Adam cried out in a loud voice, 'Have mercy on our sin, O Master, be merciful with us, O Lord.'
27.4 Then the Lord said to the angels, 'Why have you ceased from driving Adam from Paradise? Is it I who have done wrong? Or have I judged badly?' [44]27.4 Then the Lord said to the angels, 'Do not let him stand still, but expel him from the Garden. Were the sins mine? Do I pronounce judgment in vain?' [44]27.4 Then the Lord told the angels, 'Why have you been waiting (before) separating Adam from the Garden? Is the blame mine (Am I to blame) or have I not judged justly?'
27.5 Then the angels fell down on the ground and worshipped the Lord saying, 'You are just, O Lord, and you judge righteously.' [44]27.5 Then the angels worshipped God and said, 'You are just, O Lord, and your judgments are upright.' [44]27.5 Then the angels fell to the ground and told him, bowing before the Lord, 'You are just, Lord, and your sentence is upright.'
28.1 But the Lord turned to Adam and said: 'I will not suffer you henceforward to be in Paradise.' [44]28.1 The Lord turned and told Adam, 'You are not to remain in the Garden.'
28.2 And Adam answered and said, 'Grant me, O Lord, of the Tree of Life that I may eat of it, before I be cast out.' [44]28.2 Adam said again to God, 'My Lord, I beseech you, give me of the tree of life, so that I may eat before I shall have gone forth from the Garden.' [44]28.2 Adam replied to the Lord and told him, 'I beseech you, Lord, give me of the tree of life so that I may eat before I shall have gone forth.'
28.3 Then the Lord said to Adam, 'You shall not take of it now, for the Cherubim with the flaming sword that turns (every way) has been stationed to guard it from you that you taste not of it and live without death forever; [44]28.3 God said to Adam, 'You cannot take of it in your lifetime, because I have given an order to the Seraphs to guard it round about with weapons because of you, lest you should eat more of it and become immortal and say, "Behold, I shall not die;" and you will be boastful of it and be victorious in the war which the enemy has made with you. [44]28.3 Then the Lord addressed a speech to Adam and told him, 'You will not take of it anymore in your lifetime. I have posted burning Cherubs and a turning sword to keep it from you, lest you should taste it and become immortal and boast saying, "I shall not die ever;" and you should conduct the fight which the enemy has conducted against you.
28.4 but you have the war which the adversary has put into you; yet when you have gone out of Paradise, if you keep yourself from all evil, as one wishing to die, when again the Resurrection has come to pass, I will raise you up and then there shall be given to you from the Tree of Life and you will be without death forever.' [44]28.4 Rather, when you go out of the Garden, guard yourself from slander, from harlotry, from adultery, from sorcery, from the love of money, from avarice and from all sins. Then, you shall arise from death, in the resurrection which is going to take place. At that time, I will give you of the tree of life and you will be eternally undying." [44]28.4 If you go out of the Garden and guard yourself from every evil, you will die and after death you will arise in the future resurrection. Then, indeed, I will give you of the tree of life and you will be undying for ever.'