29.1 When the Lord had said these things he ordered us to be cast out of Paradise. [44]29.1 When God had said this, he commanded to expel us from the Garden. [44]29.1 When the Lord had said that he ordered us to be chased out of the Garden. 25-27.4 Then the angels driving us forth relented a little,
29.2 But your father Adam wept before the angels opposite Paradise and the angels said to him: 'What would you have us to do, Adam?' [44]29.2 Adam began to cry before the angels, and the angels said to him, 'What do you want us to do for you?' [44]29.2 And your father wept before the angels, but they told him, 'What is this or what shall we do for you?' 25-27.5 and Adam prayed and said, 'O Lord, furnish me with nourishment, that I might live.'
25-27.6 The angel guided us out of Paradise and barricaded it off from us.
25-27.7 Then Adam prayed and said, 'Have mercy on us, O Master, let me have pleasing aromas, that whenever I make an offering to God, I may bring incense to him.'
29.3 And your father said to them, 'Behold, you cast me out. I pray you, allow me to take away fragrant herbs from Paradise, so that I may offer an offering to God after I have gone out of Paradise that he hear me.' [44]29.3 Adam replied and said to the angels, 'I beseech you, letme be a little, so that I may take sweet incenses with me from the Garden, so that when I go out of here, I may offer sweet incenses to God, and offerings, so that, perhaps, God will hearken to us.' [44]29.3 Then your father replied to them and told them, 'Behold, I am going out. Now I beseech you that at the very moment of my leaving the Garden I may take incense from the Garden so that, when I go out, I may offer a sweet-odored incense and God will be willing to hearken to me.' 25-27.8 Angel Joel prayed unceasingly and said, 'Have mercy, O Master, on your first creation.'
25-27.9 And all the angels spoke the same word to God concerning Adam, 'Have mercy, O Master, on your first creation.'
29.4 And the angels approached God and said: 'JAEL, Eternal King, command, my Lord, that there be given to Adam incense of sweet odor from Paradise.' [44]29.4 The angels let him be, and he took sweet incenses with him, iris and balsam. We took them and went forth from the Garden to this land. 25-27.10 And the Lord said to his angels, 'Is it right, that Adam suffers thus, just as the verdict was pronounced on him, or is it unjust?'
25-27.11 The angels spoke in one accord, 'Just is your judgment, O Lord, in truth it is just.'
29.5 And God commanded it to be so for Adam that he might take sweet spices and seeds for his food. 25-27.12 Then God allowed him to provide the pleasing aromas: incense, laudanum, and libanum.
29.6 And as the angels let him go he took four kinds: crocus and nard and calamus and cinnamon and the other seeds for his food: and, after taking these, he went out of Paradise. And we were on the earth. [44]29.4 And the angels let him and he took four sweet-odored kinds of incense: nard, saffron, reed, cinnamon; that is what Adam brought from the Garden onto the earth.