Death of Adam

is being overcome. Read instead my spirit is departing from my body ), but arise, go out and pray to God, until I have given my spirit to God."
30.1 Now then, my children, I have shown you the way in which we were deceived; and do guard yourselves from transgressing against the good." [44]30.1 Now, my son, Seth, I have shown you the way, how we sinned. But you, take care to do the good things. Do not abandon God's command and do not depart from his mercy. Behold, I will show you every sort of recompense, both of good and of evil." [44]30.1 Now, therefore, my children I have taught you the whole way in which we were tricked and I beseech you to watch yourselves and not to stop doing good."
31.1 And when Eve had said this in the midst of her sons, while Adam was lying ill and had one more day from the sickness (prior to) his going from his body. 45.1 Just as Michael had predicted, after six days the death of Adam came. [45]31.1 At the time when Adam was ill and they were standing around him, because one more day remained of his life and Adam's soul was going forth from his body, Eve related all this. And again Eve said to Adam, [45]31.1 That, then, is what Eve said in the midst of her children when Adam was lying ill. And on the second day his soul was about to go out of his body. Eve said to Adam,
31.2 Eve said to Adam: "How is it that you die and I live or how long have I to live after you are dead? Tell me." 45.2 When Adam knew that the hour of his death had come, he said to all his children, "Now I am 930 years old, and if I die, bury me beside the great Garden of God near his dwelling." [45]31.2 "Why do you die and I live? Tell me, what shall I do for you? How long shall I be on the earth after your death?" 31.2 "Why do you alone die and I live? Or, how long shall I exist? Or, what will become of me after your death? Let me know about that."
31.3 And Adam said to her: "Give no thought to this, for you will not tarry long after me, but both of us are to die together. And (as to) this one he shall set (her) in my place. But when I die, anoint me and let no man touch me till the angel shall say something concerning me. 45.3 And it happened that, when he had finished all his words, he gave up his spirit. [45]31.3 Adam said to her, "Do not concern yourself with earthly things, but consider that we will both die as a couple, and they will place you where I will be. But when I die, do not come near me to move me from the place, until God speaks with you about me. [45]31.3 Then Adam told Eve, "Be not concerned, whatever you have done. If we must both die, you too will be set near me. And if I [alone] am to die, [do not move] me from my place until God gives you a command about me,
31.4 For God will not forget me, but will seek the vessel he made. Now, arise, and pray to God until I give up my soul, which he gave me, into His hands. For we know not how we are to meet our Maker, whether He will be angry with us, or will turn to show mercy on us." [45]31.4 For God will not forget me, but he seeks the vessel which he made. Now, arise, pray to God until I give up my soul, which he gave me, into his hands. For I do not know how we shall preserve for the Father of all, whether he will be angry or will be merciful to us." [45]31.4 for the Lord will not [forget] me, but rather he will seek out the vessel which he has made. Arise and pray a prayer to God that my soul be commended into the hands of my Creator. For I do not know how I am going to reach the Creator of all, or whether he is angry with me or whether he will accept me."