Michael Joel ) praying for us.
30-32.4 And the Lord commanded the archangel Joel and he took a one-seventh portion from Paradise and gave it to us.
30-32.5 Then the Lord spoke,'Thorns and thistles shall come forth from your hands and from your sweat you will have nourishment, and your wife will look on you in trembling.'
30-32.6 And the archangel Joel said, 'Thus says the Lord to Adam, I have not created your wife to command you, but to obey you; why do you obey your wife?'
30-32.7 Moreover, the archangel Joel told Adam, that he was to make a separation between farm animals and every sort of flying and creeping creature, namely, the wild and the tame, and to give to each creature a name.
30-32.8 Accordingly, Adam took oxen and began to till, that he might obtain nourishment.
33-34.1 Then the devil appeared and stood steadfastly in front of the oxen and wouldn't allow Adam to till the earth.
33-34.2 And the devil said to Adam, 'the earth is mine, God owns Heaven (and Paradise).
33-34.3 If you want to become mine, then, by all means, till the earth.
33-34.4 If, however, you want to belong to God then go only into Paradise.'
33-34.5 Adam said, 'God owns Heaven and Paradise, but God also owns the earth and the sea and the entire world.'
33-34.6 The devil said, 'I will not permit you to till the earth, unless you sign a cheirograph , pledging that you belong to me.'
33-34.7 Adam said, 'Whoever is Lord of the earth, to him both I and my children belong.'
33-34.8 Adam knew of course that the Lord would come down to the earth and take on himself the form of a man and trample down the devil.
33-34.9 The devil said, 'Write for me your cheirograph .'
33-34.10 And Adam wrote and said, 'Whoever is Lord of the earth, both I and my children belong to him.'
35-37.1 The devil took the cheirograph for himself.