Assumption of Adam to Paradise

37.1 Now while Seth was saying this to his mother, behold, an angel blew the trumpet, and all the angels who were lying on their faces rose up, and they cried aloud in an fearsome voice and said: 47.1 Then all the angels, playing trumpets, said, "Blessed are you, Lord, for you have taken pity on your creature." [47]37.1 As Seth was telling that to Eve, at once a great angel blew the trumpet and all the angels who were prostrated on their faces stood up again. They prayed for Adam and cried out in a loud voice, and said,
37.2 "Blessed (be) the glory of the Lord from the works of His making, for He has pitied Adam, the creature of His hands." [47]37.2 "Blessed is God, by all blessing. You pardoned the protoplast." 42-44.7 "Blessed is the glory of the Lord, who has reprieved his creature Adam."
37.3 But when the angels had said these words, behold, there came one of the Seraphim with six wings and snatched up Adam and carried him off to the Acherusian lake, and washed him thrice, and led him before God. 47.2 Then Seth saw the hand of the Lord outstretched, holding Adam. He handed him over to Michael, saying, [47]37.3 And when the angels had said these words, one of the six-winged Seraphs was sent towards him (Adam). He took Adam to the lake of (A)cheron, 45-46.1 Then came a multitude of angels, Cherubim and Seraphim, and they took the corpse of Adam and laid him in the Sea of Gerusia and honoring him, they washed him three times.
37.4 And he stayed there three hours, lying down, and thereafter the Father of all, sitting on his holy throne stretched out his hand, and took Adam and handed him over to the archangel Michael saying: [47]37.4 and he dipped him in it three times. Then he led him back before God and (Adam) remained (prostrate) on his face for three hours. And after that, God stretched out his hand from his throne, raised Adam up and gave him to Michael, and he told him, 45-46.2a In the third hour, however, the Lord, seated on the throne, stretched forth his hand and took Adam and gave him to the archangel Michael and said to him,
37.5 "Lift him up into Paradise unto the third Heaven, and leave him there until that fearful day of my reckoning, which I will make in the world." 47.3 "Let him be in your care until the day of retribution, in supplication until the last years when I shall change his mourning into joy. Then he will sit on the throne of him who overthrew him." [47]37.5 "Take him to the third heaven, to the Garden, and leave him before the altar until the day of the 'oikonomia' which I contemplate concerning all the fleshly (beings) with my well-beloved Son." 42-44.2b "Carry his corpse into Paradise; his spirit shall tarry in the third Heaven, but his corpse shall remain here until my resurrection."
37.6 Then Michael took Adam and left him where God told him. And all the angels sang an angelic hymn being amazed at the pardoning of Adam. [47]37.6 Then Michael took Adam to the place which God had ordered and all the angels were chanting angelic psalms. They were praising this wonder: the forgiveness of Adam and the promise of a future (life). 45-46.3 Then the archangel took Adam and carried him there, to the place God had commanded him.