Adam's and Abel's Funerary Rites

38.1 But after this joyous event of Adam, the archangel Michael cried to the Father concerning Adam. [47]38.1 After which Michael cried out towards God,
38.2 And the Father commanded him that all the angels should assemble before God, each in his order, some having censers in their hands, and others lyres, bowls and trumpets. [47]38.2 and all the angels assembled before her, each according to his rank. Some of them bore censers in their hands, others bore trumpets and others bore blessings. [47]38.2 and God ordered that the trumpet be sounded and that all the angels assemble before God, each one in his rank: those who held a censer; those who held a psaltery; and those who sounded the trumpet.
38.3 And behold, the Lord of Hosts entered and four winds drew Him and Cherubim mounted on the winds and the angels from heaven escorting Him and they came on the earth, where was the body of Adam. [47]38.3 Behold, the Lord of hosts upon a Cherub chariot and four winds were drawing him, and Cherubs were serving those winds and the angels were proceeding before him: God came to the earth, to the place where Adam's body lay, and all of the angels were before him with praises. [47]38.3 And behold, the Lord of Sabaoth rose upon the winds of the Cherubs, and from the seven heavens angels were proceeding before him, and they came to the earth to the place where the fleshly (remains) of Adam had been put, and all the angels were singing his (praises).
38.4 And they came to Paradise and all the leaves of Paradise were stirred so that all men begotten of Adam slept from the fragrance save Seth alone, because he was born according to the appointment of God. [47]38.4 God came to the Garden and all the plants moved, and all the people who were with Adam fell asleep. Only Seth alone, the virtuous one, was awake, according to God's direction. [47]38.4 And (God) first reached his Garden, and the flowers of the Garden, with their sweet odors, were moved at the sweet odor of the glorious God. All the children of Adam grew numb, except only for Seth, for he was son of the greatness of God.
39.1 And God came to the body of Adam and grieved greatly over him and God said to him: "Adam, what is this you have done? Had you kept my commandment, those who bore you down to this place would not have rejoiced. [47]39.1 God came to Adam's body, where he was lying dead. God mourned greatly and said in a sweet voice, "Oh, Adam. Why did you do that? If you had observed my commandment, those who brought you down to this place would not have rejoiced over you. [47]39.1 And when the Lord had come to the body of Adam which had fallen (on the earth), the Lord was sorrowful for him and told him in a sad voice, "If you had kept my commandments, you would not have fallen in that place and your enemy would not have been able to see that he had caused you to be expelled in that place.
39.2 Yet, I tell you that I will turn their joy to grief and your grief will I turn to joy, and I will return you to your rule, and seat you on the throne of your deceiver. [47]39.2 But I will turn their rejoicing into sorrow, and I will turn your sorrow into rejoicing. I shall make you the beginning of rejoicing and I shall set you on the throne of him who deceived you, [47]39.2 But I will change his joy into sorrow and I will lead you back towards this realm and I will set you upon your enemy's throne, where he was seated, close (by the place) where his rebellion was discovered.
39.3 But that one (the one who sat on it prior to his becoming arrogant) shall be cast into this place that he may see you seated upon it. Then he himself shall be condemned along with those who obeyed him and he shall grieve when he sees you sitting upon his throne. [47]39.3 and I shall cast them into a place of darkness and death." [47]39.3 He will fall in the place (where) you (are) and he will see you in that (other) place sitting upon a throne."
40.1 Then God said to the archangel Michael: "Go away to Paradise in the third heaven, and carry away three fine linen clothes." 48.1a Again the Lord said to the angels Michael and Uriel, "Bring me 3 linen shrouds [48]40.1 After this, God spoke to Michael and said, "Go to the Garden of the third heaven and bring me three linen cloths." [48]40.1 And after that, God gave an order to Michael 45-46.4 Once again the Lord spoke to the archangel, "Go into Paradise and take the purple cloth and cover the corpse of Adam and take the olive oil and pour it over him."
40.2 And God said to Michael and to Gabriel and Uriel: "Spread out the clothes and cover the body of Adam." And they bore the sweet olive oil and poured it upon him. And the three great angels prepared him for burial. 48.1b and stretch them over Adam. Bring other shrouds and stretch them over Abel, his son. Then bury Adam and his son." [48]40.2 When he had brought them, God said to Michael and to Ozel and to Gabriel, "Bring these linen cloths and cover Adam's body, and bring sweet oil." They brought them and set them around him and wound him in that garment. [48]40.2 who took (Adam) back to the Garden, which is in the third heaven. They seized three folded shrouds of *cloth* and God told Michael and Gabriel, "Unfold these shrouds and envelop Adam's body and take the ointment from the olive tree and pour it upon him." And three angels dressed him (in it) and when they had dressed Adam's body (in it), 45-46.5 The same was done to Abel's body.
40.3 When they finished preparing Adam, God said they should bear the body of Abel also. And they brought more linen and prepared him for burial. [48]40.3 When they had finished everything, God ordered them to bring Abel's body. They brought still other linen cloths and dressed him. [48]40.3 God told them, "Take Abel's body as well, seize other shrouds and dress him in them also
40.4 For he was unburied since the day when Cain his brother slew him; for Cain took great pains to conceal (him) but could not, for the body sprang up from the earth and a voice went out of the earth saying: 48.2 And all the Virtues of the angels processed before Adam, and thus was the dormition of the dead sanctified. [48]40.4 For he had remained from that day upon which Cain the lawless one had killed him and had wished to hide him, and had been unable. For, as soon as his body was in the dust, a heavenly voice came and said, [48]40.4 for he had remained lying naked since the day when wicked Cain killed him. And he wished to bury him in the earth and he was unable (to do so), because his body came back out of the earth. For a voice made itself heard from heaven and said to him,
[48]40.5a "It is not permitted to hide him in the earth before the first creature has returned to the earth from which he came." [48]40.5a "He will not be able to be buried in the earth before he who was created first has returned to the earth from which he was created."
40.5 "No other body can be covered until with respect to the first creature who was taken from me the earth from which he was taken is returned to me." And the angels took at that moment and put him upon a rock until Adam, his father, was buried. 48.3 The angels Michael and Uriel buried Adam and Abel in the regions of Paradise which Seth and his mother saw, but no one else. Michael and Uriel, "Just as you see us doing, likewise bury your dead." [III+***Legend of the Wood of the Cross*** ]III [48]40.5b Thenceforth, they took him into that same cave where he was until Adam died. Then, after this, they brought him and treated him just as they had treated his father Adam. [48]40.5b Then he took it to a rock and it remained spread out there until the death of Adam. Thus (the angels) took him and dressed him like his father.
40.6 And God commanded that after they had prepared the body of Abel for burial that they bear Abel up also to the area of Paradise, to the spot where God had taken the earth and fashioned Adam. And God made them dig the spot for two. [48]40.6 After the dressing, God commanded that both of them be taken to the region of the Garden and be brought to the place from which the dust had been taken and Adam created. God caused them to dig [48]40.6 God ordered that both of them should be taken up to the Garden, on the eastern part, in the place from which God had taken some soil and created Adam. And God ordered Michael to dig.
40.7 And God sent seven angels to Paradise and they brought many fragrant spices and placed them in the earth, and afterward they took the two bodies and placed them in the spot which they had dug and built (a sepulcher). [48]40.7 in that place and sent them to bring sweet incenses and iris incense and he caused them to put oils upon the dust and to cover the spices. Then after this, they took the bodies of both of them and put them in the place in which he had fashioned them. They dug and made a sepulchre over them. [48]40.7 And God sent seven angels to the Garden: they gathered many kinds of incense from the Garden and they brought it to them. Then they took both bodies, put them into the grave and covered them (with earth). 47.1 And the Lord called Adam to himself and said, "Adam, Adam, where are you?"
47.2 And his body answered, "I am here, O Lord."
41.1 And God called and said, "Adam, Adam." And the body answered from the earth and said: "Here am I, Lord." [48]41.1 God called to Adam's body through the dust and said, "Adam, Adam." Adam's body said to the dust, "Answer and say, 'Here I am, Lord.'" [48]41.1 Then God turned and called Adam. Adam's body answered him from the soil and said, "Here I am, *Lord*." 47.3a The Lord said, "So I told you, 'You are earth and to the same earth you will return again.'
41.2 And God said to him: "I told you (that) earth you are and to earth shall you return. [48]41.2 The Lord said to him, "Behold, just as I said to you, 'Adam, you are dust and you return to dust;' [48]41.2 And the Lord told him, "Behold, as I told you, you are soil and you have returned to the soil, 47.3b And at the resurrection, you will rise with all of humanity."
41.3 Again I promise to you the Resurrection; I will raise you up in the Resurrection with every man, who is of your seed." [48]41.3 but I will raise you in the resurrection which I promised you." [48]41.3 but I will raise you up in the resurrection which I have promised you, at the time of resurrection. 47.4 And the Lord made on four sides the sign of the cross over his grave, and one laid him in the grave, and he annointed it and said, "What is yours, taken from you, is again returned to you."
42.1 After these words, God made a three-fold seal and sealed the tomb, that no one might do anything to him for six days till his rib should return to him. [48]42.1 After God had said this, he took a three-fold seal and sealed Adam's tomb and said, "Let none approach in these days, until their bodies return to it." [48]42.1 Then, after that, God took the triangular seal and sealed the tomb of Adam and he said, "Let no person touch it during these six days, until your rib returns to you."
42.2 Then the Lord and his angels went to their place. [48]42.2 Then, at that time, the Lord ascended to the heavens with his angels, Seraphs and chariot of light, each to his station. [48]42.2 Then God ascended to the upper heaven and each of the angels to his office.