Eve's Prayer to Join Adam

42.3 And Eve also, when the six days were fulfilled, fell asleep. But while she was living, she wept bitterly about Adam's falling asleep, for she knew not where he was laid. For when the Lord came to Paradise to bury Adam all were asleep until he finished the burial of Adam except Seth alone. And no one knew (this) on the earth, except her son Seth. [48]42.3 The times of Eve were filled and completed and she was dying. She began to weep and sought to know the place where Adam was buried, because she was ignorant of it. For, at the time when God came for the death of Adam, all the plants of the Garden were moved and, through the holy spirit, sleep overcame all those who were upon the earth, until they had dressed Adam, and none upon the earth knew, except Seth alone. [48]42.3 But Eve grew numb *when* she saw all *that*. Eve wept and wished to see where they had put Adam, for she did not know. When the Lord had descended upon the earth, the sweet odor of all the trees of the Garden did not (...) because of his sweet odor all had grown numb. Until the wrapping and the burial of Adam, nobody understood anything except Seth.
42.4 And Eve prayed while weeping that she might be buried in the place where her husband Adam was. And after she had finished her prayer, she said: [48]42.4 Again Eve began to cry out, to beseech God that they should bring her to the place where Adam was buried. When she had completed that prayer, she said, [48]42.4 Then Eve begged (and) wept so that (God) might lead her off, show her the place where they had put Adam. And when she had completed her prayer, she said,
42.5 "Lord, Master, God of all virtue, do not alienate me from the body of Adam, from whose members you made me. [48]42.5 "My God, God of miracles, do not alienate me from Adam's place, [48]42.5 "Lord, do not alienate me from Adam's place,
42.6 But deem me worthy, even me who is unworthy and a sinner, to enter into his tabernacle. Just as I was with him in Paradise, both of us not being separated from the other; [48]42.6 but command to place me in his tomb. [48]42.6 but command me, me also, (to be) with him,
42.7 just as in our transgression, we were (both) led astray and transgressed your command, but were not separated, even so now, O Lord, do not separate us." [48]42.7 Just as we were together in the Garden, and were not separate from one another, just as in life, so in our death. In the place in which Adam was buried let me, too, be buried with him." [48]42.7 as we both were in paradise, inseparable from one another. 48.1b "Lord God, as you created me from the rib of Adam, so I want to be with him."
42.8 But after she had prayed, she gazed heavenwards and groaned aloud and smote her breast and said: "God of all, receive my spirit," and she delivered up her spirit. [48]42.8 When, beseeching, she had said this, her soul left her. [48]42.8 Do not separate us in our death, but place me where you have placed him." And after this prayer she gave up her soul. 48.2 And she lowered her head onto her breast, saying, "Lord God, receive my spirit."
48.3 And so she gave her spirit to God.