Fall of Satan

12.1 Groaning, the Devil said, "O Adam, all my enmity, jealousy, and resentment is towards you, since on account of you I was expelled and alienated from my glory, which I had in heaven in the midst of the angels. On account of you I was cast out upon the earth." 12.1 Satan also wept loudly and said to Adam. "All my arrogance and sorrow came to pass because of you; for, because of you I went forth from my dwelling; and because of you I was alienated from the throne of the cherubs who, having spread out a shelter, used to enclose me; because of you my feet have trodden the earth. 12.1 The devil began to cry with forced tears and the devil told Adam, "O Adam, all the greed and the anger and all the grief of my heart are directed against you because (it was) through you that I fell from my dwellings; (it was) by you that I was alienated from my own throne. My wings were more numerous than those of the Cherubim, and I concealed myself under them. Because of you, now my feet walk on the earth, which I would never have believed."
12.2 Adam answered, "What have I done to you? What fault do I have against you? [12.3] Since you have not been harmed nor injured by us, why do you persecute us?" 12.2 Adam replied and said to him, "What are our sins against you, that you did all this to us?" 12.2 Adam replied to the devil and told him, "What is my fault, by which I have done all that to you?"
13.1 The Devil answered, "Adam what are you saying to me? On account of you I was cast out from heaven. When you were formed, I was cast out from the face of God and was sent forth from the company of the angels. 13.1 Satan replied and said, "You did nothing to me, but I came to this measure because of you, on the day on which you were created, for I went forth on that day. 13.1 The devil replied to him and told him, "You did nothing to me, but it is because of you that I have fallen upon the earth.
13.2 When God blew into you the breath of life and your countenance and likeness were made in the image of God, Michael led you and made you worship in the sight of God. The Lord God then said, 'Behold, Adam, I have made you in our image and likeness.' 13.2 When God breathed his spirit into you, you received the likeness of his image. Thereupon, Michael came and made you bow down before God. God said to Michael, 'Behold I have made Adam in the likeness of my image.' 13.2 The very day when you were created, on that day I fell from before the face of God, because when God breathed a spirit onto your face, you had the image and likeness of divinity. And Michael came; he presented you and made you bow down before God. And God told Michael, 'I have created Adam according to (my) image and my divinity.'
14.1 Having gone forth Michael called all the angels saying, 'Worship the image of the Lord God, just as the Lord God has commanded.' 14.1 Then Michael summoned all the angels, and God said to them,'Come, bow down to god whom I made.' 14.1 Then Michael came; he summoned all the troops of angels and told them, 'Bow down before the likeness and the image of the divinity.'
14.2 Michael himself worshipped first then he called me and said, 'Worship the image of God Jehovah.' 14.2 Michael bowed first. He called me and said. 'You too, bow down to Adam.' 14.2 Then Michael came; he summoned all the troops of angels and told them, 'Bow down before the likeness and the image of the divinity.'
14.3 I answered, 'I do not have it within me to worship Adam.' When Michael compelled me to worship, I said to him, 'Why do you compel me? I will not worship him who is lower and posterior to me. I am prior to that creature. Before he was made, I had already been made. He ought to worship me.' 14.3 I said, 'Go away, Michael! I shall not bow down to him who is posterior to me, for I am former. Why is it proper for me to bow down to him?' 14.3 And I told him, 'Go away from me, for I shall not bow down to him who is younger than me; indeed, I was master before him and it is proper for him to bow down to me.'
15.1 Hearing this, other angels who were under me were unwilling to worship him. 15.1 The other angels, too, who were with me, heard this, and my words seemed pleasing to them and they did not prostrate themselves to you, Adam. 15.1 When the six classes of other angels heard that, then my speech pleased them and they did not bow down to you.
15.2 Michael said, 'Worship the image of God. If you do not worship, the Lord God will grow angry with you.'
15.3 said, 'If he grows angry with me, I will place my seat above the stars of heaven and I will be like the Most High.'
16.1 Then the Lord God grew angry with me and sent me forth with my angels from our glory. On account of you we were expelled from our dwelling into this world and cast out upon the earth. 16.1 Thereupon, God became angry with me and commanded to expel us from our dwelling and to cast me and my angels, who were in agreement with me, to the earth; and you were at the same time in the Garden. 16.1 Then God became angry with us and ordered us, them and me, to be cast down from our dwellings to the earth. As for you, he ordered you to dwell in the Garden.
16.2 Immediately we were in grief, since we had been despoiled of so much glory, and we grieved to see you in such a great happiness of delights. 16.2 When I realized that because of you I had gone forth from the dwelling of light and was in sorrows and pains, 16.2 When I had realized that I had fallen [by your power], that I was in distress and you were in rest,
16.3 By a trick I cheated your wife and caused you to be expelled through her from the delights of your happiness, just as I had been expelled from my glory." 16.3 then I prepared a trap for you, so that I might alienate you from your happiness just as I, too, had been alienated because of you." 16.3 then I aimed at hunting you so that I might alienate you from the Garden of delights, just as I had been alienated because of you."
17.1 Hearing this, Adam cried out with a great shout because of the Devil, and said, "O Lord my God, in your hands is my life. Make this adversary of mine be far from me, who seeks to ruin my soul. Give me his glory which he himself lost." 17.1 When Adam heard this, he said to the Lord, "Lord, my soul is in your hand. Make this enemy of mine distant from me, who desires to lead me astray, I who am searching for the light that I have lost." 17.1 When Adam heard that, he cried in a loud voice and said, "Lord, my life is in your hands. Make this enemy distant from me, who desires to lead me astray and seeks to destroy my race. It is by him that Eve has been lost."
17.2 Immediately the Devil no longer appeared to him. 17.2 At that time Satan passed away from him. 17.2 At that moment, Beliar became invisible.
17.3 Adam truly persevered for forty days standing in penitence in the waters of the Jordan. 17.3 Adam stood from then on in the waters of repentance, and Eve remained fallen upon the ground for three days, like one dead. Then, after three days, she arose from the earth, 17.3 As for Adam, he remained in the water and did penitence. But Eve had fallen upon the ground like one dead. Then she stood up from the ground