Separation of Adam and Eve

18.1 Eve said to Adam, "Long may you live, my lord. To you is my life submitted, since you did not commit a violation in either the first or second time. But I committed a violation and was seduced, because I did not keep the commandment of God. Now separate me from the light of this life. I will go to the west and I will be there until I die. 18.1 and she said to Adam,"You are innocent of the first sin and of this second one. Only me alone did Satan overcome, as a result of God's word and yours." Again Eve said to Adam, "Behold, I shall go to the west and I shall be there and my food will be grass until I die; for henceforth I am unworthy of the foods of life." 18.1 and told Adam, "Be saved, Adam, for you did not join me in the transgression of the commandments, neither in the first (instance) nor in the second. (But) the word of God will prevail against me." And Eve told him, "Behold, I shall go in the direction of the setting sun and I will eat grass like an animal until I die, for by no means am I worthy of (having a part in) the food of the living."
18.2 She then began to walk toward the western regions and began to wail and weep bitterly with great moaning. 18.2 Eve went to the west and she mourned and was sad; 18.2 Then Eve went away in the direction of the setting sun and she remained there in mourning and moaning.
18.3 She made there a dwelling, being three months pregnant. 18.3 and then she made a hut for herself in the west, and she was advanced in her pregnancy and she had Cain, the lawless one, in her womb. 18.3 And after these days, she made for herself a hut in the direction of the setting sun. She had conceived three months before, and Cain was in her womb,
19.1 When the time of her delivery approached, she began to be distressed with pains, and she cried out to the Lord, saying, 19.1 When the times of her parturition came, she began to cry out in a loud voice and said, 19.1 and when the days of her parturition arrived, then she started to tremble; she wailed towards God in a loud voice and said:
19.2 "Have mercy on me, O Lord, help me." She was not heard, nor was the mercy of God toward her. She said to herself, "Who will tell my lord Adam? I beseech you, lights of the heavens, when you turn again to the east, tell my lord Adam." 19.2 "Where is Adam, that he might see this pain of mine? Who, indeed will relate my afflictions to Adam? Is there a wind under the heavens that will go and tell Adam, 'Come and help Eve!?'" And she said, "I implore you, all luminaries, when you come to the east, tell my lord Adam about my pains." 19.2 "Where is Adam so that he can console me in my present pain, or who will tell him about my sufferings? Is there none among the birds, who would go to him and tell him, 'Come, help Eve, your spouse.' I beg of you, all you races of heaven, when you go to the east, tell my lord about my present sufferings."
20.1a In that very hour Adam said, "The lament of Eve has come to me. 20.1a Then Adam, in the river Jordan, heard Eve's cry and her weeping. 20.1a Then Adam, in the river Jordan, heard her tearful crying and misfortunes.
20.1b When God hearkened to the sound of Adam's penitence, he taught him sowing and reaping and that which was to come upon him and his seed. 20.1b Then God hearkened to Adam's prayer and sent him the angel Michael who brought him seeds, sealed with the divine seal, destined to be brought to Adam. Then he taught him sowing and the work related to it, so that thus they might be saved, (they) and all their descendants.
20.1b Perhaps the serpent has fought with her again." 20.1c Then Adam heard the sound of Eve's entreaty in the west, and Adam said to himself, "That voice and weeping are of my flesh. Let me arise and go to her and see why she is crying out. Perhaps the beast is fighting with her once more!" 20.1c And when Adam (had) heard the prayer of Eve and the wailing of her tears from the west, Adam recognized her voice and said in his heart, "This is the voice of my rib, the voice of my lamb; I will arise and I will see why she cries. Perhaps the serpent is attacking her once more?"
20.2a Walking, he found her in great distress. Eve said, "How is it that I see you, my Lord. My soul has grown cold being in such pains. 20.2a Adam arose and followed the noise to where Eve was. When Eve saw him, she spoke and said to Adam, "Did you hear the sound of my crying? Did the winds inform you, whom I entreated concerning you? Did the luminaries of heaven inform you, who are in the east ern regions every day, in their courses? Did the birds of the heavens inform you, or the beasts of the earth whom I summoned and dispatched to you, to tell you? 20.2a Adam arose and followed her footsteps. When he had come close to her, in the part of the west where Eve was, and when Eve saw Adam, she was crying with abundant tears and said, "My lord, Adam, did you not hear the sound of my tears? For, today, it is nine days, day and night, that there has been this crying of mine towards you. Is it that the [luminaries] of the east have not informed you when they arose? And have not the birds of the heavens and the beasts of the earth informed you, for I begged them all that they tell you about it.
20.2b Now pray to the Lord God on my behalf that he might hear you and look down upon me and free me from my very bad pains." 20.2b Now arise, entreat your Creator to deliver me from these pains." 20.2b Arise, entreat your Creator to have pity, so that God may answer your prayer and deliver me from my sufferings or, if it seems fitting to Him, send death to me or, by your prayers, liberate me from my torments."
20.3 Adam then prayed to the Lord for Eve. 20.3 Adam wept and prayed to God on her behalf. 20.3 Adam prayed and spoke a plea to God on her behalf and the Lord hearkened to him.
21.1 And behold, twelve angels came and two Virtues, standing to the right and to the left of Eve. 21.1 And behold, two angels and two powers descended from heaven, came to Eve and stood before her. 21.1 And behold, twelve angels and two powers came from heaven. And they came to the place (where) Eve (was).
21.2 Michael was standing to her right and touched his face to her chest and said to Eve, "Blessed are you, Eve, on account of Adam, for his prayers and supplications are great. I was sent to you that you might receive our help. Arise now and prepare yourself for birth." 21.2 The powers said to her, "Eve, you are blessed because of Adam, God's elect one, for his prayers are mighty and through him help from God has come to you. Apart from him, you would not be able to survive this birth." The angel said to Eve, "Prepare yourself, and I will be a midwife for you." 21.2 One of the powers came, touched Eve's face and her breast, and told Eve, "Blessed are you, Eve, because of Adam, the elect one and servant of God, for his prayers are great before God and, because of him, God will deliver you. If you had not been brought help because of him, you are sure to have conceived such a thorn (i.e., Cain the killer) that you could not have rescued yourself from your sufferings. Rise up now and prepare yourself to give birth to a child."
21.3a She brought forth a son who shone brilliantly. 21.3a Then, when she bore the child, the color of his body was like the color of stars. 21.3a Eve arose as the angel had instructed her: she gave birth to an infant and his color was like that of the stars.
21.3b At once the infant stood up and ran out and brought some grass with his own hands and gave it to his mother. 21.3b At the hour when the child fell into the hands of the midwife, he leaped up and, with his hands plucked up the grass of the earth near his mother's hut; and infertilities became numerous in that place. 21.3b He fell into the hands of the midwife and (at once) he began to pluck up the grass, for in his mother's hut grass was planted.
21.3c His name was called Cain. 21.3c The angel said to him, "God is just, that he did not make you fall into my hand, for you are Cain, the lawless one, who will be destroyer of the good and . . . and living plant and adultery, bitterness and not sweetness." 21.3c The midwife replied to him and told him, "God is just that he did not at all leave you in my hands. For, you are Cain, the perverse one, killer of the good, for you are the one who plucks up the fruit-bearing tree, and not he who plants it. You are the bearer of bitterness and not of sweetness."
21.3d And again the angel said to Adam, "Remain by Eve, so that she will do what I commanded." 21.3d And the power told Adam, "Remain by Eve until she has done with the infant [what I have taught her]."