Adam's Vision

25.1 Adam said to Seth, "Let me recount for you what I have heard and seen. After I and your mother were cast out of Paradise,
25.2 when we were at prayer, the archangel Michael, the messenger of God, came to me.
25.3 I saw a chariot like the wind, and its wheels were afire, and I was caught up into the Paradise of the just. I saw the Lord seated, his face like fire burning intolerably. Many thousands of angels were at the right and the left of his chariot.
26.1 Seeing this, I was disturbed and fear seized me and I worshipped before God above the face of the earth.
26.2 Then God said to me, 'Behold, you shall die because you transgressed the commandment of God, because you harkened more to the voice of your wife whom I gave over to your control that you might have her in your will. You listened to your her and transgressed my words.'
27.1 When I heard these words of God, falling down on the ground I worshipped the Lord and said, 'My Lord, Almighty and merciful God, holy and faithful, do not let the name of the memory of your majesty be destroyed, but turn my soul around, for I will die and my spirit will go forth from my mouth.
27.2 Do not cast me out from your sight, whom you formed from the dust of the earth, nor put me out from your grace whom you nourished.
27.3 Behold, your word has come over me.' Then the Lord God said to me, 'Since your days are numbered, you have become attentive to knowledge. On account of this no one shall ever be taken from your offspring to minister unto me.'
28.1 When I heard these words, I prostrated myself on the ground and worshipped the Lord God saying, 'You are the eternal and most high God. All creatures give you honor and praise.
28.2 You are above all, the shining light, the true light, the living life, the Virtue of incomprehensible greatness. To you the spiritual Virtues give honor and praise. With the human race you show the great deeds of your mercy.'
28.3 After I worshipped the Lord God, straightway Michael, the archangel of God, took my hand and threw me out of the Paradise of God's visitation and commanding.
28.4 Michael, holding in his hand a rod, touched the waters which surrounded Paradise and they froze.
29.1 Then I crossed over, and Michael crossed over with me and brought me again to the place from which he had taken me.
29.2 Hear also, my son Seth, the other mysteries and promised things to come which have been revealed to me. By eating of the tree of knowledge I have known and understood the things which are in this age,
29.3 which God will do to his creature, the human race.
29.4 The Lord will appear in a flame of fire. From the mouth of his majesty he will give commandment and precepts to all (from his mouth will go forth a sword, sharp on both edges) and they will sanctify him in the house of the dwelling of his majesty. He will show to them the marvelous place of his majesty.
29.5 Then they will build a house for the Lord God on my behalf that he might hear you and look down upon me and free me from Lord their God in the land which he will prepare for them, and there they will transgress his precepts. Their sanctuary will be set afire, and their land shall be desolate, and they themselves will be dispersed because they provoked God.
29.6 But again, (on the third/seventh day ?) he will save them from their dispersion and they will build once more the house of God, and it will then be higher than it was before.
29.7 But once again, iniquity will conquer justice. After this, God will dwell, living with men on the earth. Then justice will begin to shine, and the house of the Lord will be honored forever. The opponents will no more be able to kill men who believe in God. God will then receive unto himself a faithful people, who will be saved forever and ever. But the impious who did not wish to love his law will be punished by God their King.
29.8 Heaven and earth, night and day, and all creatures will obey him and will not transgress his commandment, nor will they alter his works. Men who forsake the law of the Lord, however, will be changed.
29.9 On account of this, the Lord will cast away from himself the impious, but the just will shine like the sun in the sight of God. At that time, men will be purified by water of their sins.
29.10 Those unwilling to be purified by water will be condemned. Blessed will be the man who shall amend his soul when the judgments and great deeds of God will be among men. Their deeds will be investigated by God, the just judge."]II,III,IV