Illness of Adam

5.1 And Adam begat thirty sons and thirty daughters and Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years; 30.1 After Adam reached the age of 930 years, [30]5.1 Then, after that, he had sons and daughters, thirty of each kind, and they grew up. Adam was upon the earth nine hundred and thirty years, [30]5.1 And again, after that, Adam had thirty sons and thirty daughters. For all the years of Adam were 930 years. And (those who were descended) from him multiplied over the earth and settled it. And when the 930 years were completed,
5.2 and he fell sick and cried with a loud voice and said, "Let all my sons come to me that I may see them before I die." 30.2 knowing that his days were ended, he said [to Eve], "Gather about me all my children that I might bless them before I die, and that I might speak with them." [30]5.2 and then Adam fell sick with a mortal affliction, and he cried out in a loud voice and said, "Let all my sons come and gather by me, so that I may see them first, before I die." [30]5.2 Adam fell ill and cried out in a loud voice and said, "Gather [pl.] to me all my descendants and I will see them before my death." 4-5.4 And he fell ill and cried out in a loud voice and said, "My children, gather around me."
4-5.5 Adam, of course, was very anxious, since he didn't know what illness was.
5.3 And all assembled, for the earth was divided into three parts. And all came to the door of the building where he had gone to pray to God. 30.3 They were gathered before his sight, in front of the oratory where he worshipped the Lord God. [They numbered 15,000 men, not counting women and children.] [30]5.2 All his sons who were in every part of the world gathered by him. They assembled by him inside the place which Eve had entered, and he prayed to the Lord God. [30]5.3 And all his progeny gathered to him who had settled, and he divided the three parts of the earth among his descendants. And all Adam's descendants assembled by him, for they had taken a position before his doors, in the place which Adam had made, and into which he would enter and address his prayers to God. 4-5.6 And his children gathered around and stood on three sides.
5.4 And Seth his son said to him: "Father Adam, what is your pain?" 30.4 They asked him [and when they all had been gathered, they said with one voice], "What is wrong with you, father, that you have gathered us together? Why are you lying on your bed?" [30]5.4 And his sons told him, "What is this, Father Adam?" 6-7.1a And his son Seth said, "Father, Father Adam, what is your sickness?"
5.5 And he said, "My children, I am crushed by the burden of pain." And they said to him, "What is pain, what is illness?" 30.5 Answering, Adam said, "My children, I am in great pain." All his children said to him, "What does mean, father, to have great pain?" [30]5.5 [He told them, "I am sick, my sons." And they told him, "What is your illness and] how does a human being fall ill?" 6-7.1b and Adam said, "My child, a great pain is in me."
6.1 And Seth answered and said to him: "Did you remember, father, the fruit of Paradise of which you used to eat, and have you become sad in yearning for it?" 31.1 Then his son, Seth, said, "Lord, do you perhaps long for some of the fruit of Paradise, which you used to eat, and therefore you lie there saddened? [31]6.1 His son Seth said to Adam, "My father, did you remember the fruit of the Garden, of which you used to eat, and have you become sad from that longing?" [31]6.1 Seth, his son, replied to him and told him, "Father Adam, what is with you? Have (you) remembered, perchance, the fruit of the Garden, and you longed for it and have you become sad because of it? 6-7.2 And his children said to him, "Father, perhaps you are brooding about the delights of Paradise and for this reason it hurts you so."
6.2 "If this be so, tell me, (and) I will go and bring you fruit from Paradise. For I will set dung upon my head and will weep and pray that the Lord will hearken to me and send his angel (and bring me some fruit from Paradise), and I will bring it you that your pain may cease from you." 31.2 Tell me and I will go up to the gates of Paradise and cast dust on my head and throw myself on the ground before the gates of Paradise, mourning in great lamentation, beseeching the Lord. Perhaps he will hear me and send his angel to bring me some of the fruit you desire." [31]6.2 If indeed this is the case, tell me, so that I may go close to the Garden and cast dust upon my head and weep. For, perhaps God will give me of the fruit, that I might bring it to you, and this pain may be driven away from you." [31]6.2 If it is thus, tell me and I will go before the Garden and I will cast dust upon my head and I will weep. And, if only God hears me, he will send his angel and he (the angel) will bring me the fruit of the Garden and I will bring it to you so that you may calm your distress." 6-7.3 And Seth said, "Father, I will go with my mother and bring something out of Paradise, by which perhaps your pain will be eased."
6-7.4 Adam said, "My child, how will you be admitted into Paradise?"
6-7.5 Seth said, "Father, I will go to the great plaza before Paradise and cry out from my heart, perhaps the Lord will hear us and permit the angel from Paradise to come and your pain will be stilled."
6.3 Adam said to him: "Nay, my son Seth, but I have (much) sickness and pain!" Seth said to him: "And how has this come upon you?" 31.3 Adam answered and said, "No, my son, I do not desire it, even though I am suffering infirmity and great pain in my body." [31]6.3 Adam said to him, "It is not so, my son, Seth; rather do I have mortal sickness and pain." [31]6.3 And Adam told him, "My son Seth, it is not so, rather I am sick and I have pain." 6-7.6 And Adam said, "Not so, my son, not so, I have pain in my belly."
31.4 Seth answered, "What is pain, my lord, father, for I do not know. Do not send us away, but tell us [for inwardly we do not know.]" [31]6.4 Seth said to him, "Through whom did this pain come to you?" [31]6.4 Seth replied to him, "Father, what is pain and how do you have pain?" 8-10.1 And Seth said, "In what way are you ill, how did it come over you?"