Physical + Virtual Herbarium of Wetland Plants

for making more ecologically responsible landscapes


The Physical + Virtual Herbarium includes three primary components:

• photographs of individual plant specimens (which exist in physical form in Kathy Poole's collection) available to all through the web

• photographs of wetland environment plants in their environments

and most significantly

• a computerized database that organizes the following information for each plant: family; botanical and common name; habitat zone; reproductive strategy; physiognomic form; native status; flowering and leaf color; height; descriptions of stem, roots, flowers, and leaves; pest susceptibility; flower and foliage persistence; hydrologic zonation; range; soil type; light needs; drought tolerance; pH tolerance; salinity tolerance; pollution tolerances; toxin removal capability; wildlife value; invasive potential; and soil stabilization value.

Users will be able to search and view all of the materials via the web.

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