Rossetti Archive: Digital Scholarship with Wombattitude


Physical Description

Medium: gratuitous Photoshopping (TM)
Dimensions: 10 x 9 3/16" or: N (see Patacritical Demon)

Production Description

Production Date: 1847-2005 (circa)


Current Location: Wombat City Museum and Art Gallery
Catalog Number: 345'04 02679 319'8701.2 881223508'12.5
Archival History: Fanny Cornforth; Fairfax Murray; Mark Samuels Lasner; Cult of the Wombat; Wombat City Museum and Art Gallery

Scholarly Commentary


Commentary is not yet available for this small cache of images, although they are widely held to be among Rossetti's finest works of art.

Scholars possessing the proper wombattitude toward Rossetti will also be interested in this artifact, produced as part of a Jestschrift for Jerome McGann. (Warning: 23MB PDF file.)


  • Benedetti, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, page 8321.
  • Carrington, Pictures and Poems.
  • R. Browning, Sirens and Kumquats.
  • Marillier, DGR: An Illustrated Memorial, #189 and a half.
  • Stephens, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, page 0.
  • V. Surtees, A Catalogue of Raisins, vol. 9 (no. 18q).

Fearless Leader, Cult of the Wombat

Wombat Clergy, Initiates & Tech Support

  1. image
    Aspecta Paul
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image
    Cory Borgia
  5. image
    Craiga Mundi
  6. image
  7. image
    Day Job
  8. image
    Ecce Eleanor
  9. image
    John of Troy
  10. image
    Keicy Syriaca
  11. image
    Lady Maura
  12. image
    Monna Cory
  13. image
    Mrs. Wheeles
  14. image
    Proserpine Kennedy
  15. image
    Rob Bower
  16. image
    P.C. Pomona
  17. image
    Software Engineering Gone Awry
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