Now Accepting Nominations

Charlottesville, Virginia (AP)    Nominations are now being accepted in a long-awaited revival of the official Wombat Awards. The Wombat Awards, first held in June 1997 as the "Most of DGR Contest," seek to honor Rossetti texts and images in a number of distinguished categories, such as "Worst Title" and "Most Heart-Breaking Poem."

Some past nominees have returned the the contest, and this year's organizer has made the bulk of her suggestions, but fresh faces are needed. All are desired to contribute to the nomination process. The judges will put the matter to a general vote.

The coveted Golden Wombat is expected to be awarded to the best work in the "Best" category some time in the next two weeks. At the same time, the worst of the "Worst" will take home a brass Dwanging.

Interested parties are asked to contact the official sponsor of the Wombat Awards -- Bethany Nowviskie, Elder Wombat -- to nominate works or suggest new categories.


BEST POEM (not including sonnets)