Seminars and Tutorials

A seminar topic will be presented here the third Tuesday of each "new term", beginning in October, January, and April. A seminar discussion will be carried on for four to six successive Tuesdays, the length to depend on the topic. A short paper and suggested readings will be presented by the seminar leader each week and participants will be asked to write a short, 100-150 word long, "reflections and response" paper prior to the following week's "meeting". Papers which are especially helpful in moving the discussion along will be collected in the "comments" file for viewing by all seminar participants (with permission, of course).

At the end of each seminar a "synthesis and ideas to pursue" essay will be presented by the seminar leader which attempts to pull together the various ideas discussed and point to further ideas to be explored.

First seminar topic:

"Coming to Terms: The Ethos of Capitalist Culture", and "Trying to be Real in a Virtual Reality World"

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