ENEC981: The Novel of Sensibility



The seminar's weekly work will move through a series of key novels in the traditions of sensibility and sentimentality of the 18th and early 19th centuries. These texts will provide the ground for the principal object of the seminar: to clarify the cultural and aesthetic meaning(s) of sensibility and sentiment. The class breaks into three groups and at end of term each group produces its own anthology (titled: Sensibility and Sentiment: Materials for Study. These group projects may be created in either paperbased or electronic/hypermedia forms.

This home page locates for access materials to be used in the course as well as materials developed and disseminated by the course members.

NOTE ON CLASS PROCEDURE AND REPORTS. Each class member will give one class report and one reponse to a report. For the form these reports and responses will take, go HERE. The reports and responses will be sent to the class via email (or newsgroup) by 5pm of the Monday before the class. These reports and responses will serve as the basis for the class discussion on the Tuesday class.

Her ears th'enchanting strains with pleasure greet,

She asks, who sang so early, and so sweet?

(Ann Batten Cristall, "Before Twilight: Eyezion")

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