ENNC491 Incarnate Textualities: Blake, Dickinson, D. G. Rossetti

Instructor: Jerome McGann

Term: Fall 1995

Place and Time: Bryan Hall 203, Tuesday 2-5

Course Description. This course studies three different ways of elaborating a material and embodied corpus of writing. In all three cases, issues of immediacy and embodiment dictate the writers' attitude toward their work, and stimulate them to radical acts of poetic invention.

The course will involve everyone in class reports and presentations. It will also require a certain amount of work with computerized images and hypertext structures, and the final "paper" will be a computerized work.

The class will meet in the Electronic Seminar Room in Bryan Hall, 203. Part of the classwork will be learning how to navigate the Net, in particular the WorldWideWeb (WWW), to access materials that will be useful for the course. Another part will involve learning how to build WWW documents. Finally, these practical skills will be applied to the interpretive study of the three writers and their work, both textual and visual.

This home page locates for access materials to be used in the course as well as materials developed and disseminated by the course members.

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