ENNC491 Incarnate Textualities

ENNC491 Incarnate Textualities

These are the class projects built by the students as part of the course requirements. The editions of the Emily Dickinson fascicle works are prepared from microfilms of the original manuscripts now held in the Amherst College Library.

NOTE. The digital images in these reports are not available for viewing at this time, except for classroom use at University of Virginia. General access to the images will be given when the necessary permissions are secured.

Emily Dickinson, Fascicle 1

This edition was prepared by Joe Gross, Joel Nickels, Kate Winslow.

Emily Dickinson, Fascicle 17

This edition was prepared by David Riffle, Stephanie Northrup, and Jennifer Weaver.

Emily Dickinson, Fascicle 26

This edition was prepared by Brian Varrieur, Barbara Kopeloff, and Jessica Botta.

The William Blake Experience

This edition was prepared by Sean Epstein and Scott Hagerty.